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Scondar manufacturing reliable Wire to Board (WTB) connectors & cable assemblies with pitch sizes from 0.8mm to 6.2mm pitch or even bigger. Scondar can help you come through from ideas to products with our rich experience on OEM ODM connectors. Most of WTB connectors we listed below were replace of brand connectors like Molex, Jst, Hirose, Jae, AMP, Dupont and more. And we can also offer ORIGINAL connectors according to your request when you need cable assemblies.

Cross-reference by Brands


SCT0800 Series

Cross: JST SUR Connector
Pitch: 0.8mm


SCT0801 Series

Cross: JST SUH Series
Pitch: 0.8mm

Hirose DF52 Cable

SCT0802 Series

Cross: DF 52 Series
Pitch: 0.8mm


SCT1001 Series

Cross: JST SH & SHD Connector
Pitch: 1.0mm

JST SHD Set Dual Row

SCT1002 Series

Cross: JST SH & SHD Connector
Pitch: 1.0mm

JAE FI-X 1.0mm Pitch Connectors Set

SCT1005 Series

Cross: JAE FI-X Connector

Hirose DF19 Connector Series

SCT1009 Series

Cross: Hirose DF19 Connector
Pitch: 1.0mm


SCT1010 Series

Cross: JST NSH1.0 Connector
Pitch: 1.0mm

Molex Pico Clasp 1.0 mm Pitch Dual Row Connector Set

SCT1014 Series

Cross: Molex Pico-Clasp Connector
Pitch: 1.0mm

SCT1006 Series

Cross: 1.0mm pitch Connector
Pitch: 1.0mm

SCT1004 Series

Cross: JAE FI-E Connector
Pitch: 1.0mm

SCT1003 Series

Cross: JST SULD Connector
Pitch: 1.0mm

JST ACH Connector Set

SCT1200 Series

Cross: JST ACH Connector
Pitch: 1.2mm

Molex PicoEZmate 1.2mm Pitch Connector Set

SCT1202 Series

Cross: Molex PicoEZmate

Molex PicoBlade Connector Series

SCT1251 Series

Cross: Molex PicoBlade Connector
Pitch: 1.25mm

Hirose DF13 1.25mm Pitch Wire to Board Connector Series

SCT1252 Series

Cross: Hirose DF13 Connector
Pitch: 1.25mm

Hirose DF14 1.25mm Pitch Wire to Board Connector Series

SCT1253 Series

Cross: Hirose DF14 Connector
Pitch: 1.25mm

Molex PanelMate 1.25mm Pitch Connector Set

SCT1254 Series

Cross: Molex PanelMate Connector
Pitch: 1.25mm

JAE FI-S 1.25mm Pitch Wire to Board Connector Series

SCT1255 Series

Cross: JAE FI-S Connector
Pitch: 1.25mm

SCT1256 Series

Cross: Molex Micro-Lock Plus Connector
Pitch: 1.25mm

JST GH 1.25mm Pitch Connector Set

SCT1258 Series

Cross: JST GH Connector
Pitch: 1.25mm

Molex Duo-Clasp 1.25mm Pitch Connectors Set

SCT12510 Series

Cross: Molex Duo-Clasp Connector
Pitch: 1.25mm

SCT1257 Series

Cross: JAE FI Connector
Pitch: 1.25mm

Molex Pico SPOX 1.5mm Pitch Connector Set

SCT1500 Series

Cross: Molex Pico-SPOX Connector
Pitch: 1.5mm

JST ZH 1.5mm Pitch Connector Series

SCT1501 Series

Cross: JST ZH Connector
Pitch: 1.5mm

SCT1503 Series

Cross: Molex CLIK-Mate
Pitch: 1.5mm

SCT1506 Series

Cross: JST ZE Connector
Pitch: 1.5mm

SCT1507 Series

Cross: JST ZPD Connector
Pitch: 1.5mm

JST PH 2.0mm Pitch Dual Row Connector Series

SCT2001 Series

Cross: JST PH Connector
Pitch: 2.0mm

Molex MicroBlade 2.0mm Pitch Connector Set

SCT2002 Series

Cross: Molex MicroBlade Connector
Pitch: 2.0mm

JST PHD 2.0mm Pitch Dual Row Connector Series

SCT2004 Series

Cross: JST PHD Connector
Pitch: 2.0mm

JAE IL-S Connector Series

SCT2005 Series

Cross: JAE IL-S Connector
Pitch: 2.0mm

Yeonho SMAW200-NN 2.0mm Pitch Connector Set

SCT2006 Series

Cross: Yeonho 2.0 with lock Connector
Pitch: 2.0mm

TE AMP CT 2.0mm Pitch Connector Set

SCT2007 Series

Cross: AMP2.0 Connector
Pitch: 2.0mm


SCT2009 Series

Cross: Yeonho SMAW200-NNC Connector
Pitch: 2.0mm

Hirose DF11 2.0mm Pitch Wire to Board Connector Series

SCT2011 Series

Cross: Hirose DF11 Connector
Pitch: 2.0mm

JST PA 2.0mm Pitch Wire to Board Connector Set

SCT2012 Series

Cross: JST PA Connector
Pitch: 2.0mm

Dupont 2.0mm Pitch Connectors Series

SCT2015 Series

Cross: Dupont2.0 Connector
Pitch: 2.0mm

JST PUD 2.0mm Pitch Wire to Board Dual Row Connector Series

SCT2020 Series

Cross: JST PUD Connector
Pitch: 2.0mm

Molex CLIK-Mate 2.0mm Pitch Wire to Board Connector Series

SCT2023 Series

Cross: Molex CLIK-Mate Connector
Pitch: 2.0mm

SCT2025 Series

Cross: Molex iGrid Connector
Pitch: 2.0mm

SCT2026 Series

Cross: Molex Sherlock Connector
Pitch: 2.0mm

Molex DuraClik 2.0mm Pitch Wire to Board Connector Series

SCT2028 Series

Cross: Molex DuraClik Connector
Pitch: 2.0mm

SCT2029 Series

Cross: JST PND Connector
Pitch: 2.0mm

SCT2030 Series

Cross: JST PAD Connector
Pitch: 2.0mm

JST XH 2.5mm Pitch Connector Set

SCT2501 Series

Cross: JST XH Connector
Pitch: 2.5mm

Yeonho SMAW250-NN 2.5mm Pitch Connector Series

SCT2502 Series

Cross: Yeonho SMAW250-NN Connector
Pitch: 2.5mm

JAE IL-G Connector Set

SCT2504 Series

Cross: JAE 2.5 Connector
Pitch: 2.5mm

SCT2511 Series

Cross: JST EH Connector
Pitch: 2.5mm

Molex Mini-SPOX 2.5mm Pitch Wire to Board Connector Series

SCT2513 Series

Cross: Molex Mini-SPOX Connector
Pitch: 2.5mm

2.5mm Pitch Wire to Board Connector Series

SCT2518 Series

Cross: JST XA Connector
Pitch: 2.5mm

SCT2520 Series

Cross: Molex Nano-Fit Connector
Pitch: 2.5mm

SCT2503 Series

Cross: Dupont2.5 Connector
Pitch: 2.5mm

SCT2516 Series

Cross: Molex Mini-Lock Connector
Pitch: 2.5mm

SCT2519 Series

Cross: JST JQ Connector
Pitch: 2.5mm

Molex KK 254 Connector Series

SCT2541 Series

Cross: Molex KK Connector
Pitch: 2.54mm

TE AMPMODU MOD II Connector Series

SCT2542 Series

Cross: AMP 280358 Connector
Pitch: 2.54mm

Molex SL Modular Connector Set

SCT2544 Series

Cross: Molex SL Modular Connector
Pitch: 2.54mm


SCT2545 Series

Cross: AMP 171822 Connector
Pitch: 2.54mm

AMP(TE) MTA-100 Connector

SCT2548 Series

Cross: AMP(TE) MTA-100 Connector
Pitch: 2.54mm

Hirose HIF3B 2.54mm Pitch Wire to Board Connector Series

SCT2549 Series

Cross: Hirose HIF3B Connector
Pitch: 2.54mm

SCT25414 Series

Cross: Samtec Mini Mate Connector
Pitch: 2.54mm

SCT25410 Series

Cross: Molex C-Grid III Connector
Pitch: 2.54mm

SCT2540 Series

Cross: AMP 543 Connector
Pitch: 2.54mm

SCT25410 Series

Cross: Molex C-Grid III Connector
Pitch: 2.54mm


SCT3001 Series

Cross: Molex Micro-Fit Connector
Pitch: 3.0mm

SCT3501 Series

Cross: Molex 1722581106
Pitch: 3.5mm

Molex Serial ATA Connector Set

SCT3801 Series

Cross: SATA Connector
Pitch: 3.8mm

Molex KK 396 Connector Set

SCT3960 Series

Cross: Molex KK Connector
Pitch: 3.96mm

JST VH Connector Series

SCT3961 Series

Cross: JST VH Connector
Pitch: 3.96mm

Molex SPOX 3.96mm Pitch Wire to Board Connector Set

SCT3962 Series

Cross: Molex SPOX Connector
Pitch: 3.96mm

Molex Mini-Fit Jr 4.2mm Pitch Wire to Board Connector Set

SCT4201 Series

Cross: Molex Mini-Fit Jr Connector
Pitch: 4.2mm

Molex KK 508 5.08mm Pitch Wire to Board Connector Set

SCT5080 Series

Cross: Molex KK Connector
Pitch: 5.08mm

Molex SPOX 5.08mm Pitch Wire to Board Connector Set

SCT5082 Series

Cross: Molex SPOX Connector
Pitch: 5.08mm

Molex Disk Drive Power Connector Wire to Board Series

SCT5083 Series

Cross: Molex Disk Drive Power
Pitch: 5.08mm

SCT5701, SCT5702 Series

Cross Molex Mega-Fit Connector Series
Pitch: 5.7mm

SCT7501 Series

Cross: JST V Connector
Pitch: 7.5mm

Cost-Saving Wire-to-Board Connectors

Scondar’s Collection of Electronic Wire-to-Board Connectors Fit for Your Needs.

Affordable, ODM/OEM Connectors Likened to Molex, JST, Hirose, Jae, Amp, Dupont and many more!.

Scondar has it all. Whether you need a replacement for your JST, Molex, Hirose, JAE, Amp or Dupont wire-to-board connectors, we provide! And at a much affordable, down-to-earth prices, too!

A Wide Variety of Wire-to-board Connector Types

Scondar is a manufacturer of replacement connectors for different wire-to-board connector types. These devices connect a wire to a PCB or Printed Circuit Board, enabling connectivity in two or more circuits.

A Variety of Pitches to Choose From

Different pitch sizes can be be chosen from 0.8mm to 6.2mm pitch or even bigger.

Options available for custom wire harness

Scondar has a wide range of wire harness options such as a variety of wire diameters, twisted wire pair, jacketed multicore, shielded and many other options. Custom-packaged assemblies are also offered to meet customers’ specifications

Benefits of Scondar’s Wire-to-Board Connectors:

Several Wire-to-Board Configurations

Scondar offers a wide variety of wire-to-board connectors with design flexibility and in various configurations to choose from such as top-entry or vertical-entry connectors and side entry or horizontal-entry connectors, or from a straight, single position header to a right angle one with multiple rows and 150 positions.

Wide Variation in Number of Circuits

There are a number circuits ranging from 2 up to 17 to choose from, making allowing adaptable power delivery for various system requirements.

Friction Lock and Crimped-Style Lock Mechanism

Intendedly manufactured for combining both flexibility and reliability, these low-profile connectors are equipped with a friction lock and crimped-style lock mechanism for safe fastening and removal of the wires from the board.

The crimps are well engineered to be air-tight, preventing oxygen and moisture from reaching the metals, causing corrosion. Thus, the connector can be easily removed from the head without holding the wires.

Cables are connected to a PCB by using a Scondar female connector terminated to a cable. Individual wires are then stripped of insulation, crimped and inserted into the female housing completing the assembly. The completed assembly will then be mated with a male PCB header that may be locked, latched and polarized.

Pre-Plated phosphor bronze contact material

Provides excellent spring performance with high fatigue and corrosion resistance.

Terminal Protection Assurance (TPA) Technology

Utilizing Terminal Protection Assurance(TPA) Technology, Scondar manufactures wire-to-board connectors with enhancements in its connector housing and contact design to help prevent connection failure.

Strong Solder Tabs for SMT Options

Assurance of header to PCB connection retention is maintained, the durable, strong solder tabs act as a strain relief for the SMT solder tails minimizing the chance of solder joints breakage.

User-friendly, with its completely polarized housing

Scondar has an improved design configuration of this connector paving an easier way for users to prevent the plug and receptacle from being mismated, causing stress on the connector.

Offering Extensive Customer Care and Wire-to-Board Cable Assembly Service

Scondar has a group of professionals specializing in electronic wire connections. They offer wire-to-board cable assembly service to their clients, delivering your projects into the next level with great customer care and service reliability.

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