Board-In Connectors

SCT1259 Series

Cross: Molex 51022 Connector
Pitch: 1.25mm

  • Circuits: 2 - 15
  • Current: 2.0A
  • Wire AWG: #28-#32

SCT1502 Series

Cross: JST SZN Connector
Pitch: 1.5mm

  • Circuits: 2 - 15
  • Current: 1.0A
  • Wire AWG: #26 - #30

SCT2003 Series

Cross: JST SAN Connector
Pitch: 2.0mm

  • Circuits: 2 - 16
  • Current: 2.0A
  • Wire AWG: #24 - #30

SCT2517 Series

Cross: JST SCN Connector
Pitch: 2.5mm

  • Circuits: 2 - 16
  • Current: 3.0A
  • Wire AWG: #26 - #30

High-Grade, Cost-Effective Board-In Connectors

Scondar’s Collection of Electronic Board-In Connectors Fit for Your Needs

Affordable, ODM/OEM Connectors Likened to Molex and JST

Scondar offers cost-saving, easy-to-assemble, board-in connectors ideal for simple and permanent electronic connections, which can stand as replacement for branded connectors such as Molex and JST board-in connectors.

A Wide Variety of Board-In Connector Types

Scondar provides this slim, low-profile board-in connector design in a wide range of pitch options, mating configurations and circuit sizes that offer reliability versus hand-soldering.

Applicable in Signal and Power Supply Circuits

This board-in connector is capable of connecting a wide variety of circuits including signal and power supply circuits.

Benefits of Scondar's Board-In Connectors:

Several Board-In Configurations

Scondar offers a wide variety of board-in connectors with design flexibility and in various configurations to choose from such as top-entry or vertical-entry connectors and side entry or horizontal-entry connectors, or from a straight, single position header to a right angle one with multiple rows.

Wide Variation in Number of Circuits

There are a number circuits ranging from 2 up to 16 to choose from, making allowing adaptable power delivery for various system requirements.

Crimped-Style Lock Mechanism

Intendedly manufactured for combining both flexibility and reliability, these low-profile connectors are equipped with a crimped-style lock mechanism for safe fastening and removal of the wires from the board.

The crimps are well engineered to be air-tight, preventing oxygen and moisture from reaching the metals, causing corrosion. Thus, the connector can be easily removed from the head without holding the wires.

Pre-Plated phosphor bronze contact material

Provides excellent spring performance with high fatigue and corrosion resistance.

Terminal Protection Assurance (TPA) Technology

Utilizing Terminal Protection Assurance(TPA) Technology, Scondar manufactures board-in connectors with enhancements in its connector housing and contact design to help prevent connection failure.

Strong Solder Tabs for SMT Options

Assurance of header to PCB connection retention is maintained, the durable, strong solder tabs act as a strain relief for the SMT solder tails minimizing the chance of solder joints breakage.

User-friendly, with its completely polarized housing

Scondar has an improved design configuration of this connector paving an easier way for users to prevent the plug and receptacle from being mismated, causing stress on the connector.

Offering Extensive Customer Care and Wire-to-Board Cable Assembly Service

Scondar has a group of professionals specializing in electronic wire connections. They offer board-in cable assembly service to their clients, delivering your projects into the next level with great customer care and service reliability.