Micro-Fit 3.0mm Pitch Connectors

SCT3001 Series

SCT3001 series are replacement of Molex Micro-Fit 3.0™ Connectors.3.00mm pitch high-density, low-power connector system available in wire-to-wire and wire-to-board configurations


Series SCT3001 Series
Contact Pitch 3.0mm
No.of Contacts 1 to 12, 2*1 to 2*12 positions
Current 5A (AWG #18 to #24)
Compatible Cross Molex 43025/43045 Connector Series


Items Part No. Photo Spec.
Male Housing SCT3001MH-XXP Drawing
Male Housing SCT3001MH-2xXXP Drawing
Male Terminal SCT3001MT Drawing
Female Housing SCT3001FH-XXP Drawing
Female Housing SCT3001FHA-XXP Drawing
Female Housing SCT3001FH-2xXXP Drawing
Female Housing SCT3001FHA-2xXXP Drawing
Female Terminal SCT3001FT Drawing
Vertical Header SCT3001WV-XXP Drawing
SMD Vertical Header SCT3001WV-S-XXP Drawing
Vertical Header SCT3001WV-2xXXP Drawing
SMD Vertical Header SCT3001WV-S-2xXXP Drawing
SMD Vertical Header SCT3001WV-S-E-2xXXP Drawing
Right-angle Header SCT3001WR-XXP Drawing
SMD Right-angle Header SCT3001WR-S-XXP Drawing
Right-angle Header SCT3001WR-2xXXP Drawing
SMD Right-angle Header SCT3001WR-S-E-XXP Drawing
SMD Female Housing SCT3001WR-S-E-2xXXP Drawing

Cable Assemblies Refer

Current Rating: 5A
Voltage Rating: 250V
Temperature Range: -40°C~+105°C
Contact Resistance: 10m Omega Max
Insulation Resistance: 1000M Omega Min
Withstanding Voltage: 1500V AC/minute

Part No. Cross reference