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1.25mm Pitch Connectors

1.25mm pitch spacing wire to board connectors are widely used in many application for transfer current or signal. Scondar offers reliable connection connectors and 100% compatible with original brand, like Molex PicoBlade series and Molex PanelMate series connectors. JST GH series connector with lock security device is widely used too. If you can not find the connector you want, feel free to contact us for help.

SCT1251 Series

Cross: Molex PicoBlade Connector
Pitch: 1.25mm

  • Circuits: 2 – 16
  • Current: 1.0A
  • Wire AWG: #28 – 32
Hirose DF13 1.25mm Pitch Wire to Board Connector Series

SCT1252 Series

Cross: Hirose DF13 Series Connector
Pitch: 1.25mm

  • Circuits: 2 – 15 or 2*5/10/15/20
  • Current: 1.0A
  • Wire AWG: #28 – 32
Hirose DF14 1.25mm Pitch Wire to Board Connector Series

SCT1253 Series

Cross: Hirose DF14 Series Connector
Pitch: 1.25mm

  • Circuits: 2 – 15, 20, 25, 30
  • Current: 1.0A
  • Wire AWG: #28 – 32
Molex PanelMate 1.25mm Pitch Connector Series

SCT1254 Series

Cross: Molex PanelMate Connector
Pitch: 1.25mm

  • Circuits: 2 – 16, 20, 30
  • Current: 1.0A
  • Wire AWG: #28 – 32
JAE FI-S 1.25mm Pitch Wire to Board Connector Set

SCT1255 Series

Cross: JAE FI-S Series Connector
Pitch: 1.25mm

  • Circuits: 2 – 16
  • Current: 1.0A
  • Wire AWG: #28 – 32

SCT1256 Series

Cross: Molex Micro-Lock Plus Connector
Pitch: 1.25mm

  • Circuits: 2 – 16
  • Current: 1.5A
  • Wire AWG: #26 – 30
JST GH 1.25mm Pitch Connector Set

SCT1258 Series

Cross: JST GH Connector
Pitch: 1.25mm

  • Circuits: 2 – 15
  • Current: 1.0A
  • Wire AWG: #26 – 30
Molex Duo-Clasp 1.25mm Pitch Connectors Set

SCT12510 Series

Cross: Molex Duo-Clasp Connector
Pitch: 1.25mm

  • Circuits: 2*5/10/15
  • Current: 1.5A
  • Wire AWG: #26 – 28

1.25 mm (.049″) Pitch Connector

What is a 1.25 mm Pitch Connector

1.25 pitch connector is a small, space-saving connector which gives the same amount amperage and voltage as a 2.0mm pitch connector, only it is more compact. For limited-space requirements, the 1.25mm pitch connector is preferred, reducing about 45% PCB of space consumption compared with 2mm pitch connectors.

Scondar offers reliable connection 1.25mm pitch connectors and 100% compatible with original brand, like Molex PicoBlade series and Molex PanelMate series connectors. JST GH series connector with lock security device is also widely used. JAE FI-S series and Hirose D13 and D14 are also offered.

Molex PicoBlade Connector

PicoBlade is Molex’s leading wire-to-board and wire-to-wire 1.25mm pitch connector system providing design flexibility with multiple header options, including 0.38μm gold plated versions making this system ideal for a variety of applications across many industries. Molex PicoBlade has an overmolded shell feature designed for high density, high speed harness and crowded applications, withstanding higher strain and mechanical stress.

This connector has a top entry and a side entry height of 4.25mm and depth of 7.35mm, delivering 1.0A AC/DC, and is available in 2 through 17 circuits, accepting a range of 26 AWG to 32 AWG. It has a polarized mating feature that prevents any sort of mis-mating of harness to header.

Hirose DF13 Series Connector

This low-profile connector with polarized design and crimp-style lock is rated at 1.0 A AC/DC, 50 volts and can accomodate 28-32 AWG. It has a mounting height of 5.8mm for SMT straight type, 5.3mm for DIP type and 3.6mm at the right angle. The contacts are tin-plated phosphor bronze which can be of have dual row achieving multi-contact (up to 40 contacts), with a 30% higher density to sustain mechanical stress in the mounting area.

An embossed tape packaging secures automatic mounting with the header providing vacuum absorption and designed to completely prevent mis-insertion. Furthermore, the surface mounting (SMT) header is designed durably being equipped with the metal fitting to prevent solder peeling. Common applications include Note PC and mobile terminal.

Hirose DF14 Series Connector

This type of connector is specially made for right angle mounting for low-profile applications, having only a board mounting height of 2.5mm. Signals can still be transmitted and pursued where there is no contact between two board or board-to-board space.

The shrouded header is designed to absorb vacuum upon insertion to aid in preventing connection mishaps providing good guidance for the mating connector. Also, the header is equipped with a box structure preventing it from being twisted. Furthermore, metal fitting is attached preventing solder peel.

Molex PanelMate Connector

Molex takes pride on its 1.25mm pitch low profile, PanelMate™ connector, which is a derivative of the PicoBlade delivering the same current rating and voltage but with an ultra-low profile design suitable for flat panel displays. The PanelMate has a minimum height of 1.9mm and can fit slots with 10 centimeters and below thicknesses.

JAE FI-S Series Connector

JAE FI Series connectors low-profile connectors designed for wire-to-board cable applications with high-density contact spacing SMT and a friction lock housing enabling secure connections. Being available in single or double row shielded and unshielded versions, they are commonly found in notebook PC’s, VCR’s, mobile phones and other consumer applications, where reduced space is a requirement.

The socket housing can be with or without a shield. An embossed tape packaging secures automatic mounting with the header providing vacuum absorption and designed to completely prevent mis-insertion.

JST GH Connector

The GH 1.25 mm Pitch connector is a low profile connector designed for Plasma Display Panels (PDP’s), Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD’s) or other small sized equipment. Scondar offers a crimp style lock and a configuration which prevents users from inverted insertion. This connector delivers a current rating of 1.0 A per contact for AWG #26-30, being suitable for either power transmission systems or chassis wiring.

Top entry configuration for this connector only consumes a height of 7.3 mm and depth of 4.25 mm. Whereas, side entry configuration consumes a height of 7.15 mm and a depth of 4.35 mm. Compatibility with SHL Connectors.

Components of 1.25 mm Connectors


The connector housing provides electrical insulation between the contacts and between the contact and the external circuit. Dielectric Withstand Voltage (DWV) usually verifies the voltage rating of the connector.

A well-designed housing holds the connector contacts providing trouble-free mating and unmating. Spacing between the contacts is also fixed by the housing. Creep (electrical tracking distance over surfaces) and clearance (linear “line‐of‐sight” distance) is also maintained by the housing.

The housing is smartly engineered to allow efficient signal and power transmissions and at the same time, provide some level of environmental protection to the electrical contacts.

Scondar manufactures the housing from Nylon 66, which is a material highly used when high mechanical strength, rigidity, stability is needed under varying temperature changes. That is why all Scondar connectors can withstand a wide temperature range from between -35 deg C to 85 deg C.

Furthermore, the housing is molded in UL94V0 natural ivory and is RoHS compliant, which has passed the flammability test for electronics and as such, the connectors produced by Scondar are ideal in rugged electronic devices, sustaining high environmental stresses. Also, the housing may be available with or without protrusions, depending on customer needs and specifications.


The header contact is made up of copper alloy, tin plated over a phosphor bronze material.


Scondar’s connector terminals are made of tin-plated, phosphor bronze. The terminals have a thickness range of 0.12mm-0.15mm depending on the 1.0mm connector type and standard reels are 20,000 pieces per reel.


Tin-plating is less costly and generally for applications carrying more than 0.5A, where high cycling is specified.

Phosphor bronze

Phosphor bronze is stronger than brass and has better spring properties that lends itself useful in smaller contacts that can best leverage its mechanical properties. This material is commonly found in small and medium‐pitch signal and moderate‐power connectors.

Wiring Harness/Cable Assembly

In many cases, a wire harness or cable assembly is needed to compress masses of wires stretching over a distance. By binding these wires into cable assemblies, these cables can be better secured against the adverse effects of vibrations, abrasions, and moisture.

Scondar’s wires are produced into a non-flexing bundle, for space optimization and safety purposes, where installation time can be decreased and the process of installing electronic circuits in standardized. Their positive locking latch provides only a slight increase in disengagement force of the terminals.

Blind-mating solutions implemented in the connectors allow engagement of the connector system without visual alignment. Scondar connector series has a heavy-duty, shrouded design providing positive polarization to aid in blind mating applications. Scondar meets close adherence to the connector system specifications for blind-mating solutions for a more efficient connecting system and interference capability.

Wire Gauge

For 1.25 mm connectors, wire gauges that can be accommodated with the rated current and voltage is between AWG #26-32. The following table represents the specs of these wire gauges


AWGConductor Diameter in mmConductor Cross Section mm2Maximum amps for chassis wiringMaximum amps for power transmission