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DF14 1.25mm Pitch Connectors

SCT1253 Series

SCT1253 Series are compatible with Hirose DF14 1.25 mm Pitch Super Low profile Crimping Connector. Correspond to Automatic Mounting. Four Wall Type Without Friction to Board by Socket.


SeriesSCT1253 Series
Contact Pitch1.25mm
No.of Contacts2 to 15, 20, 25, 30 positions
Current1A (AWG #28 to #32)
CompatibleCross Hirose DF14 Connector Series

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Part No.SCT1253
Compatible:Hirose DF14 series connector
Pitch – Mating Interface1.25mm
Applicable wire:AWG#28-#32 (Max.OD: 1.0mm)
Current Rating:1A
Voltage Rating:150V
Temperature Range:-40°C~+85°C
Contact Resistance:20m Omega Max
Insulation Resistance:500M Omega Min
Withstanding Voltage:500V AC/minute

Hirose DF14: The Solution for Low-Profile, Space-Efficient Board Connections

The Hirose DF14 connectors feature a 1.25mm pitch mating interface, accommodating a range of circuits from 2 to 30. These connectors are suitable for use with AWG#28-#32 wires with a maximum outer diameter of 1.0mm. They offer a current rating of 1A, a voltage rating of 150V, and can operate in a temperature range from -40°C to +85°C. The connectors exhibit a maximum contact resistance of 20mΩ, a minimum insulation resistance of 500MΩ, and can withstand voltages of up to 500V AC per minute.

Features of Hirose DF14:

1. Low Profile Design: The DF14 connector series offers a low-profile solution for right-angle board connections, making it ideal for situations with limited space between boards. The on-board type (DF14A) boasts a board-mounted height of 2.5mm, while the offset type (DF14H) provides an even lower profile with a board-mounted height of just 1.6mm.

2. Pick & Place Mounting: DF14 headers are designed for ease of assembly. They feature a vacuum suction surface and are available in embossed tape packaging for efficient pick & place mounting. The on-board type is also available in tube packaging for added convenience.

3. Four-Wall Design: The box-shaped header design of DF14 connectors serves as a protective barrier, effectively preventing prying and mis-insertion. The sturdy walls on the header eliminate potential friction issues with the board that may occur with the socket. Retention tabs are incorporated to ensure secure soldering and prevent solder peeling.

Applications of Hirose DF14:

Hirose DF14 connectors find versatile applications in various industries, including:
– Consumer Electronics
– Telecommunications
– Automotive Electronics
– Industrial Controls
– Medical Devices

Advantages of Hirose DF14:

– Space-Efficiency: With its low-profile design, DF14 connectors are perfect for situations where board space is limited.
– Easy Assembly: The pick & place mounting feature simplifies the assembly process, reducing production time and labor costs.
– Secure Connection: The four-wall design enhances the connector’s reliability by preventing misalignment and ensuring secure attachment, even in challenging conditions.

Trust Hirose DF14 connectors to deliver space-efficient, reliable connections for your electronic devices and applications.

SCT1253 offers a cost-effective and reliable alternative to the Hirose DF14 connector. With similar performance and compatibility, SCT1253 is designed to meet your connectivity needs while providing a budget-friendly solution. Make the switch to SCT1253 for dependable connections without breaking the bank.

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