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Solar Cables & Adapters

Scondar supplies photovoltaic cables with cross-sectional areas of 2.5mm2, 4mm2 and 6mm2, which can meet the needs of photovoltaic systems with different powers. In addition, scondar also provides customized services for MC4 adapters, such as MC4 to Anderson, MC4 to DC, MC4 to LP4, MC4 to RWXT60, etc. We can also provide customized services for other MC4 adapters according to your specific needs, welcome to contact us.

Conductor Material Stranded tinned copper
Consistute Structure 84/0.258(±0.005)mm
Insulation Material XLPE
Insulation mean Thickness 0.8
Rated temperature -40~+90°C
Rated Rating AC Uo/U0.6~1.0kv, DC1.5kv
Cable Core 1
Cross-SectionArea 2.5mm² 4.0mm² 6.0mm²
Diameter of wires/ Number 36/0.285mm 56/0.285mm 84/0.285mm
Thickness of the Insulation ≥0.65mm ≥0.75mm ≥0.8mm
Thickness of the Sheath ≥0.65mm ≥0.70mm ≥0.75mm
Outer Dia 5.3±0.1mm 5.8±0.1mm 6.6±0.1mm
Conductor resistance (20°C) ≤8.21 ≤5.09 ≤3.39(Ω/km)
Voltage test on completed cable 6.5/5 No breakdown kV/min

Examples of Solar Connector Adapters

MC4 to Anderson

MC4 to Anderson

MC4 to LP20

MC4 to DC7909

MC4 to DC5521

MC4 to RWXT60

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