2.5mm Pitch Connectors

2.5mm pitch wire to board connectors is widely used. JST XH connector and JST XA connector with a secure lock. JST EH connector with the unshrouded header. Molex SPOX 2.5mm connector is popular when you use Molex products.

SCT2501 Series

Cross: JST XH Connector
Pitch: 2.5mm

SCT2502 Series

Cross: JST XA Connector
Pitch: 2.5mm

SCT2503 Series

Cross: Dupont2.5 Connector
Pitch: 2.5mm

SCT2504 Series

Cross: JAE IL-G Connector
Pitch: 2.5mm

SCT2511 Series

Cross: JST EH Connector
Pitch: 2.5mm

SCT2513 Series

Cross: Molex SPOX Connector
Pitch: 2.5mm