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SAN 2.0mm Pitch Connectors

SCT2003 Series

SCT2003 Series are compatible with JST SAN 2.0mm pitch Board-in connectors. Features a compact design, one-touch connection, easy contact insertion, secure PCB mounting, versatile harness processing, adaptability to various PCB thicknesses, and multiple contact options for flexible connectivity solutions.


SeriesSCT2003 Series
Contact Pitch2.0mm
No.of Contacts2 to 16 positions
Current2A (AWG #24 to #30)
CompatibleCross Jst SAN Connector Series

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Applicable wire:AWG#24-#30 (Max.OD:1.5mm)
Current Rating:2A
Voltage Rating:250V
Temperature Range:-25°C~+85°C
Contact Resistance:20m Omega Max
Insulation Resistance:1000M Omega Min
Withstanding Voltage:800V AC/minute

JST SAN: Your Compact, Efficient, and Versatile Connector Solution

JST SAN is a versatile connector with a 2.0mm pitch, accommodating 2-16 circuits and compatible with AWG#24-#30 wires (Max. OD: 1.5mm). It offers a current rating of 2A and a voltage rating of 250V, making it suitable for a temperature range of -25°C to +85°C. The connector ensures reliable electrical connections with a contact resistance of up to 20mΩ max, insulation resistance of 1000MΩ min, and a withstanding voltage of 800V AC/minute. This robust design makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, ensuring secure and dependable connections in various electronic devices and systems.

Features of JST SAN:

JST SAN is a versatile board-in connector designed to meet the demands of high-density mounting on printed circuit boards with precision and cost-efficiency. This connector system boasts several remarkable features:

1. Compact Design: With a slim profile measuring 2.0 mm in pitch, 6.0 mm in mounting height, and 3.25 mm in thickness, the connector is a compact powerhouse that conserves space on your PCB.

2. One-Touch Connection: Experience hassle-free and reliable connections with the one-touch connection feature, ensuring efficient assembly and consistent performance.

3. Easy Contact Insertion: Inserting contacts into the housing is a breeze, simplifying the installation process and saving you time and effort.

4. Secure PCB Mounting: The connector guarantees secure mounting onto your PC board, providing stability and durability for your electronic devices.

5. Effortless Harness Processing: Streamline your harness processing with this connector, enhancing the efficiency of your production process.

6. Adaptable for Various PCB Thickness: The connector is designed to accommodate two types of PC board thicknesses, offering flexibility in your design and application.

7. Versatile Contact Types: Two types of contacts provide adaptability and versatility for your specific project requirements.

Applications of JST SAN:

The JST SAN connector is an ideal choice for various consumer-oriented electronic products, including but not limited to:

– VCRs: Ensure reliable and efficient connections in VCRs, enhancing their performance and durability.

– Car Stereo Systems: Experience improved audio connectivity and functionality in your car stereo systems.

– Audio Products: Elevate the performance and reliability of your audio devices, delivering high-quality sound experiences.

– And More: The connector’s versatility extends to a wide range of consumer electronic applications, making it a cost-effective and dependable choice.

Advantages of JST SAN:

By choosing the JST SAN connector, you unlock a world of advantages for your projects:

– Space-Efficient: The compact design saves valuable space on your PCB, allowing for denser, high-density mounting.

– Efficiency: The one-touch connection and easy contact insertion streamline your assembly process, reducing labor and time.

– Reliability: Secure PCB mounting ensures long-lasting and dependable electrical connections.

– Flexibility: Accommodating multiple PCB thicknesses and offering various contact types, the JST SAN connector adapts to your specific project needs.

Elevate your electronic products with the connector—your compact, efficient, and reliable choice for high-density mounting.

SCT2003 serves as a cost-effective and dependable alternative to the JST SAN connector. With similar specifications and compatibility, SCT2003 ensures secure and reliable connections, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of electronic applications. Whether in consumer electronics, automotive systems, or industrial equipment, SCT2003 delivers the performance and value you need for your connectivity solutions. Choose SCT2003 for cost-efficiency without compromising reliability.

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