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KK 5.08mm Pitch Connectors

SCT5080 Series

SCT5080 series are replacement of Molex KK 508 Connector System.the KK® 508 Connector System, with Glow Wire capability, is ideal for low- to mid-range power applications.


SeriesSCT5080 Series
Contact Pitch5.08mm
No.of Contacts2 to 20 positions
Current5A (AWG #18 to #24)
CompatibleCross Molex KK 508 Connector Series

Cable Assemblies Refer

Molex KK 508 Cable Diagram
Current Rating:5A
Voltage Rating:250V
Temperature Range:-25°C~+85°C
Contact Resistance:20m Omega Max
Insulation Resistance:1000M Omega Min
Withstanding Voltage:1500V AC/minute

Molex KK 508 Connector System: Power and Precision in One

The Molex KK 508 Connector System is designed to meet the power needs of a wide range of applications with its impressive parameters. It offers a current rating of 5A and a voltage rating of 250V, ensuring reliable and efficient power transmission. Operating within a temperature range of -25°C to +85°C, it can handle various environmental conditions while maintaining a maximum contact resistance of 20mΩ. The system boasts excellent insulation resistance with a minimum of 1000MΩ and can withstand high voltages with a rate of 1500V AC per minute. These parameters make the Molex KK 508 a robust and dependable choice for power applications.

Its key features, applications, and advantages are as follows:

Features of Molex KK 508:

– High Power Delivery: Capable of delivering up to 7.0A per circuit in wire-to-board and 5.0A per circuit in board-to-board configurations, ensuring reliable power transmission.

– Glow Wire Capability: Designed to meet safety standards, making it suitable for applications where fire resistance is essential.

– Polarized Mating Geometry: Ensures proper mating alignment, reducing the risk of misconnections and enhancing reliability.

– Terminal Variety: Offers the flexibility of bifurcated, dual-cantilever, and anti-snag terminals to match different application requirements.

– Standardized Pitch: Featuring an industry-standard 5.08mm pitch, ensuring compatibility with existing systems and designs.

– Versatile PCB Receptacles: Provides a range of options, including top-entry, right-angle, and bottom-entry receptacles, making installation adaptable.

– Global Applicability: Suitable for international use, meeting regional safety standards and requirements, ideal for applications across the world.

– Enhanced Electrical Reliability: Equipped with dual-cantilever terminals, ensuring robust and reliable electrical connections.

– Terminal Protection: Anti-snag terminals guard against damage during cable assembly, ensuring longevity.

Applications of Molex KK 508:

The Connector System finds its utility across various industries and applications, including:

– Consumer Electronics: Ideal for consumer products such as home appliances and HVAC systems, ensuring reliable power connections.

– Data Communications: Suitable for office equipment and data communication systems, offering dependable power delivery.

– Industrial Automation: Trusted in industrial networks and automation equipment, ensuring reliable connections in demanding environments.

Advantages of Molex KK 508:

– Safety Assurance: With Glow Wire capability and compliance with UL 94V-2 materials, the KK 508 Connector System ensures a high level of safety.

– Flexibility and Reliability: Its design enhances electrical reliability with dual contact beams and offers design flexibility to meet diverse power application requirements.

– Global Compatibility: Suitable for global applications, meeting safety standards worldwide, and providing adaptable solutions for international use.

The Molex KK 508 Connector System stands as a dependable choice for low- to mid-range power applications, assuring safety, reliability, and versatility across various industries.

SCT5080 provides a cost-effective and dependable alternative to the Molex KK 508 Connector System. This connector offers a reliable solution for various power applications, just like its counterpart, while helping you save on costs. Whether you need to power consumer electronics, home appliances, HVAC systems, data communications equipment, office devices, or industrial automation equipment, SCT5080 is designed to meet your requirements while offering economic advantages. 

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