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IL-S 2.0mm Pitch Connectors

SCT2005 Series

SCT2005 Series are compatible with JAE IL-S 2.0mm pitch series connector. Feature a box-type pin header for secure mating and high-quality socket contacts that support reliable semi-automatic crimp termination.


SeriesSCT2005 Series
Contact Pitch2.0mm
No.of Contacts2 to 16 positions
Current1A (AWG #24 to #28)
CompatibleCross JAE IL-S Connector Series

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JAE IL-S Cable Diagram
Current Rating:1A
Voltage Rating:100V
Temperature Range:-25°C~+85°C
Contact Resistance:20m Omega Max
Insulation Resistance:1000M Omega Min
Withstanding Voltage:800V AC/minute

JAE IL-S Series connectors, designed with a range of features that cater to your diverse application needs.

The JAE IL-S connectors are designed with a 2.0mm contact spacing and offer a current rating of 1A and a voltage rating of 100V. They can operate in a temperature range from -25°C to +85°C, featuring a maximum contact resistance of 20mΩ and a minimum insulation resistance of 1000MΩ. These connectors can withstand a voltage of 800V AC per minute, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

These connectors offer a low-profile solution for PCB-to-Cable connections, ensuring seamless integration into your projects. Explore their advantages that make them a reliable choice for various applications:

Features of JAE IL-S:

– Foolproof Mating: The box-type pin header is designed to prevent mismating, ensuring accurate and secure connections. This feature is especially valuable for complex assembly processes.
– Reliable Socket Contacts: The IL-S Series connectors come with high-quality socket contacts, providing consistent and dependable performance. These contacts support semi-automatic crimp termination, simplifying the assembly process.
– Versatile Termination Tools: You have the flexibility to choose between semi-automatic crimp termination machines and hand crimping tools, making it easier to adapt to your specific assembly requirements.
– Flux Wicking Prevention: The connector’s design effectively prevents flux wicking during the soldering process. This feature enhances the overall reliability of your connections, even under challenging conditions.
– Multiple Configurations: Pin headers are available in straight, right-angle, and bottom through-hole types. This variety in configurations allows you to find the perfect fit for your project.
– Lead-Free Compliance: The IL-S Series connectors meet modern regulations by being lead-free, aligning with environmentally conscious practices.

Applications of JAE IL-S:

– Consumer Electronics: Ideal for VTR, television, and audio products, where reliable and durable connections are a must.
– Office Automation (OA): Perfect for office equipment, ensuring seamless data transfer and power distribution.
– Computers: Whether in desktops or laptops, these connectors play a crucial role in maintaining connectivity and data flow.
– Measuring Equipment: Used in precision instruments, these connectors maintain high data accuracy and integrity.
– Telecommunications: Ensuring stable connections in network devices and infrastructure.
– Vending Machines: In these devices, reliable connectors are vital for smooth operation and data handling.

Advantages of JAE IL-S:

– Cost Savings: The semi-automatic termination process and labor efficiency result in significant cost savings during assembly.
– Enhanced Reliability: Reliable socket contacts and flux wicking prevention ensure your connections are dependable and long-lasting.
– Flexible Design: Multiple configurations offer design flexibility, catering to a wide range of applications.

Experience the benefits of the JAE IL-S Series connectors – they simplify assembly, save costs, and guarantee reliable connections in various applications.

SCT2005 serves as a cost-effective and reliable alternative to the JAE IL-S series. These connectors feature a 2.0mm contact spacing, ensuring secure PCB-to-cable connections. They prevent misconnections with a unique pin header design and offer high-quality socket contacts for easy assembly. SCT2005 is suitable for various applications and provides cost savings, enhanced reliability, and design flexibility.

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