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DF19 1.0mm Pitch Connectors

SCT1009 Series

SCT1009 Series are replaced by Hirose DF19 1mm pitch connector series, widely use in LCD, LVDS cable etc.


SeriesSCT1009 Series
Contact Pitch1.0mm
No.of Contacts8, 14, 20, 30 positions
Current1A (AWG #30 to #32)
CompatibleCross Hirose DF19 Connector Series

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Hirose DF19 Cable Diagram
Part No.SCT1009
Compatible:Hirose DF19 series connector
Pitch – Mating Interface1.0mm
Applicable wire:AWG#30-#32 (Max.OD: 0.6mm)
Current Rating:1A
Voltage Rating:100V
Temperature Range:-25°C~+85°C
Contact Resistance:30m Omega Max
Insulation Resistance:500M Omega Min
Withstanding Voltage:500V AC/minute

Hirose DF19: Elevating Connectivity

Hirose DF19 connectors offer a versatile solution with a 1.0mm pitch mating interface, available in 8, 14, 20, and 30 circuits to suit various connectivity needs. These connectors are compatible with AWG#30-#32 wires with a maximum outside diameter of 0.6mm, providing flexibility in wire choices. They boast a 1A current rating and 100V voltage rating, suitable for a wide range of applications. With a temperature range spanning from -25°C to +85°C, these connectors perform reliably in diverse environmental conditions. They feature a maximum contact resistance of 30mΩ and a minimum insulation resistance of 500MΩ, ensuring efficient and dependable electrical connections. Additionally, they can withstand 500V AC per minute, making them suitable for demanding electrical systems. Hirose DF19 connectors are the go-to choice for applications where precision, reliability, and versatility are paramount.

Features of Hirose DF19:

1. High-Density Design: Hirose DF19 connectors are celebrated for their compact and high-density design. With multiple contact positions in a limited space, they enable efficient and space-saving connections on your PCBs, making them ideal for applications where board real estate is precious.

2. Reliable Contacts: The DF19 connectors feature robust and reliable contacts designed to withstand repeated mating cycles. This durability ensures long-lasting performance and minimizes maintenance requirements, reducing downtime in critical systems.

3. Secure Locking Mechanism: These connectors are equipped with a secure locking mechanism that provides audible feedback upon proper mating. This feature prevents accidental disconnections, making them perfect for applications in challenging environments, including those with vibration or shock concerns.

4. Versatile Styles: Hirose DF19 connectors come in various styles, including wire-to-board and wire-to-wire configurations. This versatility allows them to adapt to a wide range of applications, from consumer electronics to industrial machinery.

5. High Signal Integrity: DF19 connectors maintain exceptional signal integrity, making them ideal for applications where reliable data transmission is critical.

Applications of Hirose DF19:

Hirose DF19 connectors find their place in a wide array of applications, including:

– Consumer Electronics: From smartphones to laptops, these connectors enable the compact design and reliable connectivity of your favorite gadgets.

– Industrial Machinery: In industrial settings, DF19 connectors provide efficient and dependable connections for machinery and automation systems.

– Automotive Electronics: The high-density design and secure locking mechanism make DF19 connectors suitable for automotive applications where reliability and durability are paramount.

– Telecommunications: In the world of telecommunications, these connectors ensure stable connections for data centers, network equipment, and more.

Advantages of Hirose DF19:

– Space-Efficient: The high-density design allows you to maximize PCB space while ensuring reliable connections.

– Durability: DF19 connectors are built to last, reducing maintenance and downtime.

– Secure: The locking mechanism prevents accidental disconnections, adding an extra layer of reliability.

– Versatile: With various styles available, these connectors can adapt to a wide range of applications.

– Signal Integrity: High signal integrity ensures dependable data transmission.

SCT1009 serves as a reliable alternative to the Hirose DF19 connector series. With similar performance and compatibility, it offers a seamless transition for your connectivity needs. Whether you’re seeking a solution for a new project or looking to replace existing DF19 connectors, SCT1009 provides a dependable choice, ensuring your electrical connections meet the required specifications. Trust in its capabilities for your application demands.

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