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MTA-100 2.54mm Pitch Connectors

SCT2548 Series

SCT2548 are replacement of AMP MTA-100 series 2.54mm pitch, wire to board IDC connectors. TE AMP MTA interconnect series connectors are used to distribute low current signals throughout electronic equipment. The MTA-100 interconnection series are used for applications using insulation displacement contacts.


SeriesSCT2548 Series
Contact Pitch2.54mm
No.of Contacts2 to 17 positions
Current3A (AWG #22 to #26)
CompatibleCross AMP(TE) MTA-100 Connector Series

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Current Rating:3A
Voltage Rating:250V
Temperature Range:-40°C~+85°C
Contact Resistance:10m Omega Max
Insulation Resistance:1000M Omega Min
Withstanding Voltage:1500V AC/minute

Elevate Your Assembly Process with TE AMP MTA 100 Connector

TE AMP MTA-100 connectors feature the following specifications: a current rating of 3A, a voltage rating of 250V, a temperature range from -40°C to +85°C, a maximum contact resistance of 10mΩ, a minimum insulation resistance of 1000MΩ, and a withstanding voltage of 1500V AC per minute. These parameters ensure the connector’s reliability and performance, making it suitable for various application areas.

Features of TE MTA 100 connector:

1. Streamlined Assembly: AMP MTA 100 Connector System is engineered to reduce labor and costs while simplifying assembly processes. It supports mass wire termination, making assembly less labor-intensive and cost-effective.

2. IDC Technology: MTA 100 Connectors utilize the power of Insulation Displacement Contacts (IDC), allowing wire termination without the need for stripping or crimping. This innovative technology streamlines and simplifies the connection process.

3. Versatile Design: These connectors are stackable and can be used for both wire-to-board and wire-to-wire applications. Their versatility makes them a valuable solution for a range of wiring needs.

4. Wire Feed-Through Capability: Ideal for daisy-chain applications, MTA 100 Connectors offer wire feed-through capability. Moreover, they can terminate ribbon cables with the appropriate receptacle assembly and strain relief cover, providing a comprehensive solution for your connectivity requirements.

5. Multiple Configurations: MTA 100 Connectors come in a variety of board mount header configurations, including right-angle and vertical orientations. They are available in both through-hole and surface mount options, allowing you to select the perfect fit for your specific applications.

Applications of AMP MTA-100 Connector:

MTA 100 Connectors find application across various industries, including:

– Appliances: These connectors are a trusted choice in household appliances, ensuring reliable electrical connections in products like refrigerators, washing machines, and more.

– Lighting: From residential to industrial lighting systems, MTA 100 Connectors play a vital role in maintaining secure and efficient electrical connections.

– Industrial Controls: MTA 100 Connectors are a cornerstone in industrial control systems, facilitating dependable wire terminations in manufacturing and automation processes.

Advantages of TE MTA-100 Connector:

– Efficiency: AMP MTA 100 Connectors significantly improve assembly processes by reducing labor requirements and overall costs.

– User-Friendly: The incorporation of IDC technology eliminates the need for complex wire preparation, simplifying and expediting connections.

– Versatility: With their stackable and feed-through features, MTA 100 Connectors readily adapt to a wide array of wiring needs.

– Durability: These connectors are built for longevity, capable of withstanding the demands of daily use in appliances, lighting, and industrial control applications.

TE MTA 100 Connector System is the key to more efficient, cost-effective, and dependable wire terminations. Experience the simplicity of assembly processes and the security of solid connections with MTA 100 Connectors.

SCT2548 offers a cost-effective alternative to the TE MTA-100 connector system. It provides reliable electrical connections and supports various applications where MTA-100 connectors are used. Whether you’re looking for a dependable replacement or exploring cost-effective options, SCT2548 is a reliable choice.

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