SHD 1.0mm Pitch Connectors

SCT1002 Series

SCT1002 series connectors are replacement of JST SHD Series connectors. with 1.0mm pitch space compact, low profile design. Socket with locking feature mating crimp housing.


Series SCT1002 Series
Contact Pitch 1.0mm
No.of Contacts 2 to 20 & 2*6 to 2*25 positions
Current 1A (AWG #28 to #32)
Compatible Cross Jst SH & SHD Connector Series

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SH Connector SMT Socket



Vertical Socket SMD

Right-angle Socket SMD


Items Part No. Photo Spec.
Housing SCT1002H-2xXXDWT104 Drawing
Terminal SCT1001TPS104 Drawing
Vertical Socket SMD SCT1002WVS-2xXXE1BE101 Drawing
Vertical Socket SMD SCT1002WVSF-2xXXE1BE101 Drawing
Right-angle Socket SMD SCT1002WRS-2xXXE1BE101 Drawing

Cable Assemblies Refer

JST SH Connector cable assemblies
Current Rating: 1A
Voltage Rating: 50V
Temperature Range: -20°C~+85°C
Contact Resistance: 20m Omega Max
Insulation Resistance: 500M Omega Min
Withstanding Voltage: 500V AC/minute

JST SHD Series Connectors 1.0mm Pitch

SHD 1.0 mm Pitch Connectors

  • The SHD 1.0mm Pitch connector is a low profile connector for small-sized devices.
  • They are heavily used in small racing drones.
  • Like the 0.8mm pitch connector, SH 1.0mm pitch connectors are also suitable for densely crowded electronic devices due to its small diameter wirings.
  • Scondar offers a crimp style lock and a configuration which prevents users from inverted insertion.
  • Engineered to be space efficient which provides significant PCB savings with the following configurations:
    • Top entry: height of 6.3mm and depth of 2.9mm
    • Side Entry: height of 2.95mm and depth of 6.35mm
  • Delivers up to a current rating of 1.0 A per contact for American Wire Gauge (AWG) #28, #29, #30, #31, #32
  • Suitable for either power transmission systems or chassis wiring.
  • Popularity in WiFi equipment, gaming consoles, measurement instruments, and other equipment in need of a special interface to become interconnected

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