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SUR 0.8mm Pitch Connectors

SCT0800 IDC Series​

SCT0800 series are replacement of JST SUR Series connectors. 0.8mm pitch wire to board connector,low-profile compact style, IDC style without crimp terminal.


SeriesSCT0800 Series
Contact Pitch0.8mm
No.of Contacts2 to 22 positions
Current0.5A (AWG #28-#32)
CompatibleCross Jst SUR Connector Series

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jst sur cable diagram
Current Rating: 0.5A
Voltage Rating: 30V
Temperature Range: -20°C~+85°C
Contact Resistance: 20m Omega Max
Insulation Resistance: 100M Omega Min
Withstanding Voltage: 200V AC/minute

JST SUR Series Connectors 0.8mm Pitch

SUR 0.8mm Pitch Connectors

  • SUR 0.8mm connector is the world’s first 0.8 mm wire to board connector.
  • This SUR connector is suitable for densely crowded electronic devices.
    delivers up to 0.5A per contact in its American Wire Gage (AWG) #32 and 0.2 A for its AWG #36


    • This means that it is flexible to be used as chassis wiring with a maximum amperage of 0.5 amps and as power transmission wiring with a maximum amperage of 0.09 amps.
  • Engineered to be space efficient which provides significant PCB savings with its flexible design variants:
    • SIDE ENTRY: a height of only 1.75mm and a depth of 3.9 mm
    • TOP ENTRY: a height of 3.9mm and a depth of 2.2mm
  • Transmission speed is optimized providing superior signal characteristics.
  • Popularity in WiFi equipment, gaming consoles, measurement instruments, and other equipment in need of a special interface to become interconnected

Three-point grip construction

The three-point grip construction connects the connectors in equipment, preventing conduit pull out. This feature provides safe and reliable distribution of wire pressure between three points. It allows firm and rigid grip distribution preventing damage of the wires by vibration and any kind of movement.

Superfine wires are usable

The connector can be used with the wires of AWG within the range of #32 to #36. This applies to wire diameters as small as 0.127mm to 0.2019mm. Superfine wires such as these can help the routing job. The 0.8mm pitch connector can also be used with conductors with 7 strands thin copper alloy of diameter 0.39mm.

Shrouded Header

The pin header of the connector is wrapped with a thin plastic guide box around it good for preventing cable connection mishaps.

Twin U-slot section

Twin U-slot section or twinaxial cable has a pair of insulated conductors where the conductors are run parallel with one another. This is commonly used in high-speed balanced-mode multiplexed transmission in large computer systems, in which the signals are carried by both conductors in a U-shaped configuration. This ensures reliable connection and provides greater noise immunity.

Three available types and two mount types

There are three available variants for this connector depending on its desired usage, such as low-profile, IDC and compact.
Two mount configurations can also be considered such as top and side mount. Around 34% of the space on the PCB can be saved for the side-mount configuration in comparison with other conventional types of connectors.

Temperature range, insulation and contact resistance

The temperature range for the 0.8mm connector is -25 degrees centigrade to +85 degrees centigrade. This range is based on the rise of temperature with increasing current.

Insulation and contact resistance are of 100M omega minimum and 20m omega maximum respectively.

Fits Microelectronics Systems

0.8mm pitch serves as the best choice for densely crowded electronics systems for its small, square-edged configuration, ruggedized and shock resistant feature.

Caters Power, Signal and Grounding Contact Needs

The 0.8mm Pitch connector can either stand as power contacts, signal contacts or both as power and signal contacts or a signal and grounding contact. The wiring harness interconnects the PCB to various components that send signals and power to other electronic devices.

Safe and Reliable

SUR 0.8mm pitch connectors ensure safety, system protection and performance with its bonded metallic conduits and multiple grounding points preventing fire hazards, component damage, overheating and possible electrocution.

All densely crowded consumer electronic products

0.80mm Pitch Connector finds its advantage in devices such as, Multi-function/printer office machines, gaming electronics, Imaging and digital cameras, security systems, VCRs, PDAs, computer, notebook, speaker, headlight, engine, stereo, LCD, LED lamps, battery, lamp strip, fan, car, headlights, PCB, television.

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