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Right Angle Female Header

1.27mm (.050”) Pitch Right Angle Female Header Connector

Product Name: 1.27mm (.050”) right angle female header connector
Pitch(spacing): 1.27mm (.050”) inch pitch
Gender: Female
Breakaway: No
Number of Contact: 2 – 50 pins (single row); 4 – 100 pins (dual row)
Number of Rows: Single or dual
Orientation: Right-angle (90 degree)
locating peg Without locating peg
Material: High Temperature Thermoplastic
Contact material: Brass or Phosphor Bronze
Insulator material: PA6T (Optional:LCP NA6T PA46 PA66) + UL94V-0
Insulator color: Black
Flammability: UL94V-0
Contact Plating: Gold flash over 50μ” nickel or custom
Pin lengths: Standard(refer to drawing) or Customizable
PC Tail Length: Standard(refer to drawing) or Customizable
Packaging Type: Bulk in Box or Bag
RoHS compliant: Yes

The 1.27mm (.050”) pitch right-angle female header connector is a highly versatile and reliable component designed for a wide range of electronic applications. Engineered to meet the demanding requirements of modern electronic devices, this connector offers several features, benefits, and applications that make it an essential component in various industries.

  • Pitch (Spacing): The connector features a 1.27mm (.050”) pitch, which ensures compact and efficient use of PCB space.
  • Gender: Female connector, suitable for receiving male pin headers.
  • Number of Contacts: Available in configurations ranging from 2 to 50 pins for single-row setups and 4 to 100 pins for dual-row setups, offering flexibility for different design needs.
  • Rows: Can be configured in single or dual rows, accommodating different design requirements.
  • Orientation: Right-angle (90-degree) design, ideal for perpendicular connections to PCBs.
  • Locating Peg: Designed without a locating peg, simplifying the design and reducing component costs.
  • Materials:
    • Housing: Made from high-temperature thermoplastic, ensuring durability and heat resistance.
    • Contacts: Constructed from brass or phosphor bronze, providing excellent conductivity and mechanical strength.
    • Insulator: PA6T with options for LCP, NA6T, PA46, and PA66, all complying with UL94V-0 flammability standards.
  • Color: Black, ensuring a professional and consistent appearance.
  • Contact Plating: Gold flash over 50μ” nickel or customizable options, ensuring reliable electrical connections and corrosion resistance.
  • Pin and PC Tail Lengths: Available in standard lengths or customizable to fit specific application requirements.
  • Packaging: Offered in bulk packaging (box or bag), facilitating easy handling and inventory management.
  • RoHS Compliance: Fully compliant with RoHS standards, ensuring environmentally friendly and safe usage.

The 1.27mm pitch right-angle female header connector is widely used in various applications, including:

  1. Consumer Electronics: Used in devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops for internal connections.
  2. Industrial Equipment: Employed in machinery and control systems for reliable and robust connections.
  3. Medical Devices: Integrated into medical equipment for secure and precise electrical connections.
  4. Telecommunications: Used in network and communication devices for efficient signal transmission.
  5. Automotive Electronics: Applied in vehicle electronics systems for durable and vibration-resistant connections.
  6. Data Communication: Essential in servers, routers, and other data handling equipment.
  • Compact Design: The 1.27mm pitch allows for high-density PCB designs, saving space and enabling more compact electronic devices.
  • Versatility: With options for different pin counts and row configurations, this connector adapts to a variety of design requirements.
  • Durability: The use of high-temperature thermoplastics and robust contact materials ensures long-lasting performance even in harsh environments.
  • Reliability: Gold flash over nickel plating enhances contact reliability and reduces the risk of corrosion, ensuring consistent electrical performance.
  • Customization: The ability to customize pin lengths and tail lengths provides flexibility in design and application, accommodating specific project needs.
  • Compliance: RoHS compliance guarantees that the connector is free from hazardous substances, aligning with global environmental and safety standards.

In summary, the 1.27mm (.050”) pitch right-angle female header connector stands out for its compact size, versatile configurations, durable materials, and reliable performance. Its wide range of applications and customizable features make it a valuable component in the ever-evolving landscape of electronic devices and systems.

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