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Right Angle Pin Header

2.0mm (.079”) Pitch Right Angle Pin Header Connector

General Spec.
 Product Name: 2.0mm (.079”) right angle male pin header connector
 Pitch(spacing): 2.0mm (.079”) inch pitch
 Gender: Male
 Breakaway: Yes
 Number of Contact: 2 – 40 pins (single row); 4 – 80 pins (dual row)
 Number of Rows: Single or dual
 Orientation: Right-angle (90 degree)
 locating peg Without locating peg
 Material: High Temperature Thermoplastic
 Contact material: Brass or Phosphor Bronze
 Insulator material: PBT (Optional:LCP NA6T PA46 PA6T) + UL94V-0
 Insulator color: Black
 Flammability: UL 94V-0
 Contact Plating: Gold flash over 50μ” nickel or custom
 Pin lengths: Standard(refer to drawing) or Customizable
 PC Tail Length: Standard(refer to drawing) or Customizable
 Packaging Type: Bulk in Box or Bag
RoHS compliant: Yes

The 2.0mm (.079”) right angle male pin header connector is a versatile and essential component in the realm of electronic connections. This connector is designed to meet a variety of needs in modern electronic applications, providing reliable connections with robust performance. Here, we delve into the features, applications, and advantages of this indispensable connector.

1. Pitch (Spacing): The connector has a 2.0mm (.079”) pitch, which refers to the distance between the centers of adjacent pins. This standard pitch is suitable for a wide range of applications, balancing compact design with ease of use.

2. Gender and Orientation: This is a male connector, designed to mate with a corresponding female header. Its right-angle (90-degree) orientation makes it ideal for applications where space constraints require connectors to be aligned parallel to the circuit board.

3. Number of Contacts: Available in configurations from 2 to 40 pins for single-row setups and 4 to 80 pins for dual-row setups, this connector offers flexibility in design, accommodating various circuit complexity levels.

4. Material Composition:

  • Insulator: Made from high-temperature thermoplastic, options include PBT, LCP NA6T, PA46, or PA6T, all conforming to UL94V-0 flammability standards. The black insulator color ensures a professional and consistent appearance.
  • Contacts: Constructed from brass or phosphor bronze, ensuring excellent conductivity and durability. Contacts are plated with gold flash over 50μ” nickel, with custom plating options available.

5. Packaging and Compliance: The connectors are available in bulk packaging (box or bag) and are RoHS compliant, ensuring they meet environmental standards.

1. Consumer Electronics: Widely used in devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wearable technology, where reliable and compact connectors are essential.

2. Automotive Industry: Employed in automotive electronics for applications such as infotainment systems, navigation, and diagnostic devices, where robust and reliable connections are critical.

3. Industrial Automation: Utilized in control panels, robotics, and machinery where durable connections are required to withstand harsh environments and high-temperature conditions.

4. Telecommunications: Important in networking equipment, including routers, switches, and modems, ensuring stable and secure connections in communication infrastructure.

5. Medical Devices: Applied in medical diagnostic equipment and monitoring devices, where precision and reliability are paramount.

1. Compact Design: The 2.0mm pitch and right-angle orientation allow for a space-saving design, making it ideal for high-density PCB layouts.

2. Flexibility: With options for single or dual rows and a wide range of pin configurations, designers can choose the best fit for their specific application needs.

3. High-Temperature Resistance: The use of high-temperature thermoplastic materials ensures that the connectors can withstand demanding thermal environments.

4. Durability and Reliability: The combination of brass or phosphor bronze contacts with gold flash plating ensures excellent conductivity, corrosion resistance, and long-term reliability.

5. Compliance and Safety: Being RoHS compliant and having UL94V-0 flammability rating materials guarantees that the connectors meet stringent safety and environmental standards.

6. Customization: With customizable pin lengths and PC tail lengths, these connectors can be tailored to meet specific design requirements, enhancing their versatility.

In conclusion, the 2.0mm (.079”) right angle male pin header connector is a robust, flexible, and reliable solution for a wide range of electronic applications. Its well-engineered design and high-quality materials make it a preferred choice for professionals seeking to ensure optimal performance and durability in their electronic products.

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