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Right Angle Pin Header

1.0mm (.039”) Pitch Right Angle Pin Header Connector

General Spec.
 Product Name: 1.0mm (.039”) right angle pin header connector
 Pitch(spacing): 1.0mm (.039”) inch pitch
 Gender: Male
 Breakaway: Yes
 Number of Contact: 2 – 50 pins (single row); 4 – 100 pins (dual row)
 Number of Rows: Single or dual
 Orientation: Right-angle (DIP)
 locating peg Without locating peg
 Material: High Temperature Thermoplastic
 Contact material: Brass or Phosphor Bronze
 Insulator material: PA6T (Optional:LCP NA6T PA46 PA66) + UL94V-0
 Insulator color: Black
 Flammability: UL94V-0
 Contact Plating: Gold flash over 50μ” nickel or custom
 Pin lengths: Standard(refer to drawing) or Customizable
 PC Tail Length: Standard(refer to drawing) or Customizable
 Packaging Type: Bulk in Box or Bag
RoHS compliant: Yes

The 1.0mm (.039”) pitch right angle pin header connector is designed for applications requiring compact and reliable connections in printed circuit boards (PCBs). Unlike straight pin headers, the pins of a right angle pin header are bent at a 90-degree angle, making them ideal for connections that require a perpendicular orientation between boards. This connector is widely used in various industrial applications due to its precision and durability.

  • Pitch (Spacing): 1.0mm (.039”) inch pitch, suitable for densely packed PCB layouts.
  • Gender: Male connectors available.
  • Breakaway: Yes, allowing for easy customization of pin counts.
  • Number of Contacts: Available in configurations ranging from 2 to 50 pins (single row) and 4 to 100 pins (dual row).
  • Number of Rows: Offered in single or dual row options.
  • Orientation: Right-angle (DIP), facilitating perpendicular PCB mounting.
  • Locating Peg: Available without locating peg, offering flexibility in design.
  • Material: Constructed from high temperature thermoplastic, ensuring durability and reliability.
  • Contact Material: Options include brass or phosphor bronze, catering to varied electrical requirements.
  • Insulator Material: PA6T (with optional materials such as LCP, NA6T, PA46, PA66) with UL94V-0 flammability rating.
  • Insulator Color: Standardized in black for easy integration into different PCB designs.
  • Contact Plating: Gold flash over 50μ” nickel, or customizable to meet specific environmental and performance needs.
  • Pin Lengths and PC Tail Length: Available in standard configurations or customizable according to application requirements.
  • Packaging Type: Bulk packaging in boxes or bags for convenience.

The 1.0mm (.039”) pitch right angle pin header connector finds application across various industries and uses, including:

  • Consumer Electronics: Used in smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices where space-saving and reliable connections are essential.
  • Computing Systems: Integrated into motherboards, expansion cards, and peripherals for efficient data transmission.
  • Industrial Equipment: Employed in control panels, sensors, and measurement devices due to its robust design and secure connections.
  • Telecommunications: Utilized in networking equipment and communication devices for maintaining signal integrity.
  • Space Efficiency: Its compact size and right-angle orientation maximize PCB space utilization.
  • Customizability: Breakaway feature allows for easy customization of pin counts.
  • Reliability: High-quality materials and robust construction ensure long-term reliability and durability.
  • Electrical Performance: Excellent electrical conductivity and signal transmission capabilities.
  • Compliance: RoHS compliant, meeting international environmental standards.

In conclusion, the 1.0mm (.039”) pitch right angle pin header connector combines advanced features with reliable performance, making it an indispensable component in modern electronic designs. Whether in consumer electronics, computing systems, industrial applications, or telecommunications, this connector offers versatility, durability, and optimal space utilization, meeting the evolving needs of electronic connectivity.

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