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  • Part Name: Housing
  • Pitch: 1.0mm
  • Circuits: 4
  • Rows: 1
  • Series: SCT1001
  • Housing Series: SCT1001H
  • Compatible: SHR-04V-S-B

Versatile Wire-to-Board Connections with JST SH SHR-04V-S-B and SSH-003T-P0.2-H

When it comes to creating dependable and versatile wire-to-board connections, the JST SH series offers a comprehensive solution. The JST SH 4-pin connector SHR-04V-S-B, in conjunction with the SSH-003T-P0.2-H crimp contact, presents a reliable pairing. These connectors can be combined with the JST SH SMD vertical connector BM04B-SRSS-TB or the SMD right-angle connector SM04B-SRSS-TB to form a wire-to-board connection.


– JST SH 4-pin Connector SHR-04V-S-B: The SHR-04V-S-B is a pivotal component of the JST SH series, known for its durability and reliability. This housing is designed to accommodate the SSH-003T-P0.2-H crimp contact, ensuring a secure and stable connection.
– SSH-003T-P0.2-H Crimp Contact: The SSH-003T-P0.2-H is the perfect complement to the SHR-04V-S-B housing. It guarantees reliable electrical connections and can be easily installed, simplifying the overall assembly process.
– Versatile Header Options: To further enhance its adaptability, the SHR-04V-S-B housing can be used with either the JST SH SMD vertical header BM04B-SRSS-TB or the SMD right-angle header SM04B-SRSS-TB. This flexibility allows for a multitude of wire-to-board connections, catering to a variety of applications.


The combination of SHR-04V-S-B and SSH-003T-P0.2-H, along with the choice of header options, makes these components suitable for a wide range of applications, including:
– Industrial Machinery: Whether it’s control panels or automation systems, these connectors can deliver secure and dependable connections.
– Automotive Systems: From onboard electronics to engine control units, these connectors are a reliable choice for various automotive applications.
– Consumer Electronics: These connectors are perfect for ensuring consistent and reliable connections in devices such as televisions, audio equipment, and more.

Dependable Performance:

With a current rating of 1A and a voltage rating of 50V, the SHR-04V-S-B and SSH-003T-P0.2-H combination can be trusted to deliver dependable performance. Additionally, they can withstand voltages of up to 500V AC/minute.

Temperature Tolerance:

Operating effectively in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +85°C, these components are adaptable to a variety of environmental conditions.


In conclusion, the combination of the JST SH 4-pin connector SHR-04V-S-B and the SSH-003T-P0.2-H crimp contact offers a reliable and versatile solution for wire-to-board connections. The flexibility to choose between SMD vertical and right-angle headers allows for tailored connectivity solutions for various applications. Whether it’s industrial machinery, automotive systems, or consumer electronics, these connectors ensure consistent and secure wire-to-board connections, meeting the highest standards of performance and reliability. 

SCT1001 4 pin serves as a cost-effective and dependable replacement for the JST SH 4 pin connector. We welcome you to explore our solution for your connectivity needs.

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