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SCT2501WV serves as a cost-effective alternative to JST XH Vertical Headers such as B2B-XH-A, B3B-XH-A, B4B-XH-A, and more, offering a way to reduce project costs while maintaining reliability.


Part NameVertical Header
CompatibleBxxB-XH-A Series

Part No. Cross Reference

B2B-XH-A, B3B-XH-A, B4B-XH-A, B5B-XH-A, B6B-XH-A, B7B-XH-A, B8B-XH-A, B9B-XH-A, B10B-XH-A, and similar models are part of the widely used JST XH series of Vertical Headers. These headers come with the following specifications: Current Rating: 3A AC/DC, Voltage Rating: 250V AC/DC, Insulation Resistance: ≥1000 Megaohms, Withstanding Voltage: 1000V AC (1 minute without breakdown), Contact Resistance: ≤10 milliohms (Max), and an Operating Temperature Range of -25°C to +85°C.

They are constructed with an Insulator (Housing) made of UL94V-0 certified Nylon 66, and the Contacts are crafted from Brass with Tin Plating. These headers are available in both red and white colors and are designed to be used in conjunction with JST XH Plugs, enabling efficient connections for a variety of devices and applications.

SCT2501WV is the ideal replacement for JST XH Vertical Headers, offering a reliable electrical connection while reducing project costs. What’s more, it’s compatible with multiple JST XH connector models, providing greater flexibility for your applications. Regardless of your project’s scale, SCT2501WV meets your connectivity needs, offering a perfect balance of reliability and cost-effectiveness.

SCONDAR also offers alternative variations of JST XH Headers, including Through Hole Right-Angle HeadersSMD Vertical HeadersSMD Right-Angle Headers, and more. These options cater to diverse connectivity needs across different scenarios, providing reliable solutions for your projects. Feel free to explore our extensive range for further details.