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  • Part Name: SMD Vertical Header
  • Pitch: 1.25mm
  • Circuits: 6
  • Rows: 1
  • Series: SCT1251
  • Header Series: SCT1251WVS
  • Compatible: 533980671

Molex 53398-0671 PicoBlade 6-Pin SMD Single Row Vertical Header: Unveiling the Power of Seamless Board-to-Wire Connectivity

In the realm of electronic connections, precision and reliability are paramount. Molex presents the 53398-0671 PicoBlade 6-Pin SMD Single Row Vertical Header, a versatile solution designed to meet the demands of modern electronic applications. This article explores the key features and advantages of this header, along with its seamless compatibility with the 6-pin single-row receptacle crimp housing 51021-0600, forming a robust board-to-wire connection.

Key Electrical Specifications of Molex 53398-0671:

1. Current Rating: With an impressive 1A AC/DC current rating, the 53398-0671 ensures efficient power transmission, making it suitable for a wide range of electronic devices and applications.

2. Voltage Rating: Operating seamlessly at 125V AC/DC, this header is engineered to handle diverse voltage requirements, ensuring stability and reliability in various electronic circuits.

3. Insulation Resistance: Boasting a minimum insulation resistance of 100MΩ, the 53398-0671 excels in preventing leakage currents, contributing to the overall safety and longevity of the connected components.

4. Withstanding Voltage: The header demonstrates robustness with a 500VAC (1Min)withstanding voltage, providing an extra layer of protection against potential electrical breakdowns.

5. Contact Resistance: Featuring a maximum contact resistance of 20mΩ, the 53398-0671 ensures minimal power loss and dependable signal integrity, critical for high-performance electronic systems.

Operating Conditions:

The 53398-0671 PicoBlade header is designed to thrive in challenging environments. With an operational temperature range spanning from -40°C to +85°C, this header remains reliable in extreme conditions, making it ideal for applications in diverse industries.

Material Composition of Molex 53398-0671:

The choice of materials significantly influences the performance and durability of electronic components. The 53398-0671 incorporates high-quality materials, including:

1. Insulator (Housing): Crafted from Nylon 9T with a UL94V-0 flame-retardant rating, the housing ensures not only mechanical strength but also enhances safety by resisting combustion.

2. Contacts: The contacts are made from brass and are tin-plated, providing excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance. This construction contributes to the longevity and stability of the electrical connections.

3. Color: The beige color not only adds an aesthetic touch but also aids in easy identification, simplifying installation and maintenance processes.

In conclusion, the Molex 53398-0671 PicoBlade 6-Pin SMD Single Row Vertical Header stands as a testament to Molex’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for seamless board-to-wire connectivity. With impressive electrical specifications, robust construction, and a wide operating temperature range, this header is poised to meet the evolving needs of the electronics industry, ensuring reliability and performance in every application.

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