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Molex 53261-0471 PicoBlade 4 Pin SMD Right-Angle Header: A Comprehensive Overview

The Molex 53261-0471 is a key component in the PicoBlade series, serving as a 4-pin SMD right-angle header. When paired with the PicoBlade 4-pin receptacle crimp housing 51021-0400, it forms a robust wire-to-board connection, offering a multitude of features and advantages for various applications.

Key Electrical Specifications of Molex 53261-0471:

1. Current Rating: With a commendable 1A AC/DC current rating, the Molex 53261-0471 ensures reliable and efficient power transmission for a range of electronic devices and applications.

2. Voltage Rating: Operating at a voltage of 125V AC/DC, this header provides a safe and stable electrical connection, meeting the requirements of diverse electronic systems.

3. Insulation Resistance: Boasting a minimum insulation resistance of 100MΩ, the Molex 53261-0471 ensures a high level of electrical isolation, contributing to the overall reliability of the connection.

4. Withstanding Voltage: The header can withstand voltages of up to 500VAC for 1 minute, demonstrating its resilience and suitability for applications demanding durability and robustness.

5. Contact Resistance: Featuring a maximum contact resistance of 20mΩ, the Molex PicoBlade 4 pin SMD right-angle header minimizes energy loss and heat generation, enhancing the overall efficiency of the electrical connection.

– Operation Temperature: Operating flawlessly within a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, this header is well-suited for applications in diverse environmental conditions.

– Insulator (Housing): Crafted from high-quality Nylon 9T (UL94V-0), the insulator ensures excellent mechanical strength and flame-retardant properties, meeting stringent safety standards.

– Contacts: The contacts are constructed from durable brass and coated with a layer of tin for corrosion resistance, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting connection.

– Color: The beige color not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also serves as a visual indicator for easy identification in complex electronic assemblies.

Applications of Molex 53261-0471:

The Molex 53261-0471 finds widespread applications in industries such as consumer electronics, automotive, industrial automation, and more. Its versatile design and robust electrical specifications make it a preferred choice for wire-to-board connections in various electronic devices.

Advantages of Molex PicoBlade 4 pin SMD right-angle header:

1. Reliability: The header’s high current and voltage ratings, coupled with low contact resistance, contribute to a reliable and stable electrical connection.

2. Versatility: Designed to operate across a broad temperature range, the Molex PicoBlade 4 pin SMD right-angle header is adaptable to diverse environmental conditions, expanding its application possibilities.

3. Safety: The UL94V-0-rated nylon insulator enhances safety by providing flame-retardant properties, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

4. Durability: The use of quality materials such as brass and tin-plated contacts ensures durability, making the header suitable for long-term use in demanding applications.

In conclusion, the Molex 53261-0471 PicoBlade 4-Pin SMD Right-Angle Header stands as a reliable and versatile component, offering superior electrical performance and durability. With its impressive specifications and quality construction, it meets the evolving needs of the electronics industry, providing a robust solution for wire-to-board connections in a variety of applications.

SCT1251WRS-04ExBE102 emerges as a cost-effective and reliable alternative to the Molex PicoBlade 4-pin SMD right-angle header 53261-0471. This component is designed to seamlessly replace its predecessor while maintaining high standards of performance and durability. With its economic advantages and dependable functionality, SCT1251WRS-04ExBE102 ensures a smooth transition for applications requiring a 4-pin SMD right-angle header, offering a reliable solution at an optimized cost. This alternative empowers engineers and manufacturers with a practical choice, aligning with budget considerations without compromising on the essential attributes of reliability and performance.

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