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Molex 53261-0271 PicoBlade 2-Pin SMD Right-Angle Header: A Compact Solution for Reliable Wire-to-Board Connections

Molex presents the 53261-0271, a high-quality PicoBlade 2-pin SMD right-angle header designed to excel in wire-to-board connections. When paired with the PicoBlade 2-pin receptacle crimp housing 51021-0200, this combination delivers a dependable and space-efficient solution for various applications.

Key Features of Molex 53261-0271:

1. Current Rating (1A AC/DC):
The Molex PicoBlade 2 pin SMD right-angle header boasts a robust current rating of 1A AC/DC, ensuring reliable power delivery for a wide range of electronic devices.

2. Voltage Rating (125V AC/DC):
With a voltage rating of 125V AC/DC, this connector is suitable for applications demanding stable electrical performance within diverse voltage environments.

3. Insulation Resistance (100MΩ Min):
The connector exhibits excellent insulation properties, with a minimum insulation resistance of 100MΩ, promoting reliable signal integrity and preventing unwanted electrical leakage.

4. Withstanding Voltage (500VAC, 1Min):
Designed to endure challenging conditions, the Molex PicoBlade 2 pin SMD right-angle header can withstand a voltage of 500VAC for one minute, ensuring durability and safety in diverse operating environments.

5. Contact Resistance (20mΩ Max):
The low contact resistance of 20mΩ maximizes conductivity, minimizing power loss and enhancing the overall efficiency of the wire-to-board connection.

6. Operation Temperature (-40°C to +85°C):
The operational temperature range from -40°C to +85°C makes the 53261-0271 suitable for use in both extreme cold and hot conditions, providing versatility for a variety of applications.

Material Specifications of Molex PicoBlade 2 Pin SMD Right-Angle Header:

– Insulator (Housing): Nylon 9T (UL94V-0):
The housing is constructed from Nylon 9T, ensuring high durability and flame retardancy with a UL94V-0 rating, making it a reliable choice for safety-critical applications.

– Contacts: Brass, Tin Plated:
The connector’s contacts are made of brass, offering excellent conductivity, and are tin-plated to enhance corrosion resistance, extending the connector’s lifespan.

– Color: Beige:
The neutral beige color of the Molex 53261-0271 adds aesthetic appeal and facilitates easy identification within electronic assemblies.

Applications and Advantages of Molex 53261-0271 PicoBlade 2 Pin Connector:

The Molex 53261-0271 PicoBlade 2 pin SMD right-angle header, in conjunction with the 51021-0200 receptacle crimp housing, finds applications in a myriad of industries, including consumer electronics, automotive, and industrial equipment. Its key advantages include compact design, high current and voltage ratings, temperature resilience, and exceptional reliability, making it an ideal choice for demanding wire-to-board connections.

SCT1251WRS-02ExBE102 serves as a cost-effective and reliable alternative to the Molex PicoBlade 2-pin SMD right-angle header 53261-0271. Specifically engineered for seamless integration, this connector stands out for its superior performance and dependability, making it the preferred choice in the realm of electronic device manufacturing. The meticulously crafted design ensures excellent craftsmanship and stable.

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