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Molex 51021-0400 PicoBlade Housing Diagram
  • Part Name: Male Housing
  • Pitch: 1.25mm
  • Circuits: 8
  • Rows: 1
  • Series: SCT1251
  • Housing Series: SCT1251MH
  • Compatible: 510210800

Molex 51021-0800 PicoBlade 8 Pin Connectors: Unleashing Seamless Wire-to-Wire and Wire-to-Board Connections

Molex introduces the PicoBlade 8 pin connector series, revolutionizing wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connections with unparalleled features and advantages. Specifically, the Molex 51021-0800 receptacle crimp housing, when paired with the 51047-0800 plug crimp housing, forms a robust wire-to-wire connection. Additionally, these connectors seamlessly integrate with PicoBlade 8 pin through hole vertical headers (53047-0810), right-angle headers (53048-0810), SMD vertical headers (53398-0871), and right-angle headers (53261-0871) for efficient wire-to-board connections.

Key Features of Molex 51021-0800:

1. Current Rating and Voltage Endurance:
– The PicoBlade 8 pin connectors boast a remarkable current rating of 2A AC/DC, ensuring reliable power transmission in diverse applications.
– With a voltage rating of 250V AC/DC, these connectors excel in both low and high-voltage environments, making them versatile for various electronic systems.

2. Insulation Performance:
– Featuring an insulation resistance of 100MΩ minimum, these connectors provide a high level of electrical insulation, reducing the risk of signal interference and ensuring signal integrity.
– The connectors can withstand a voltage of 500VAC (1 minute), ensuring robust insulation properties even in demanding operating conditions.

3. Low Contact Resistance:
– With a maximum contact resistance of 20mΩ, the PicoBlade connectors guarantee low resistance levels, minimizing power loss and enhancing overall system efficiency.

4. Wide Operating Temperature Range:
– Designed to perform in diverse environments, the connectors support an impressive operating temperature range from -40°C to +85°C, ensuring reliability in extreme conditions.

5. High-Quality Material:
– The insulator (housing) is constructed from Nylon 66 (UL94V-0), a durable and flame-retardant material that enhances the connectors’ safety and longevity.
– The white color of the housing not only adds a sleek aesthetic but also facilitates easy identification and organization within complex electronic systems.

Applications of Molex PicoBlade 8 Pin Receptacle Crimp Housing: 

The Molex PicoBlade 8 pin connectors find applications across various industries, including but not limited to:
– Consumer Electronics
– Automotive Electronics
– Industrial Automation
– Medical Devices
– Telecommunications

Advantages of Molex 51021-0800:

1. Reliability: The connectors’ high current and voltage ratings, coupled with robust insulation and low contact resistance, ensure a reliable and stable connection in critical applications.

2. Versatility: With compatibility for both wire-to-wire and wire-to-board configurations, these connectors offer versatility in designing and assembling electronic systems.

3. Durability: The connectors’ wide operating temperature range and high-quality materials make them durable, capable of withstanding challenging environmental conditions.

4. Safety: The use of flame-retardant Nylon 66 in the housing enhances safety, meeting stringent industry standards.

5. Ease of Use: The white color of the housing simplifies identification and installation, contributing to the ease of use in complex electronic setups.

In conclusion, the Molex PicoBlade 8 pin connectors, exemplified by the 51021-0800 receptacle crimp housing, offer a reliable, versatile, and durable solution for wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connections. With outstanding electrical performance, a wide operating temperature range, and high-quality materials, these connectors are poised to meet the evolving needs of modern electronic applications across various industries.

SCT1251MH-08BWT104 serves as a cost-effective and reliable alternative to the Molex PicoBlade 8-pin receptacle housing 51021-0800. Offering dependable connections and exceptional performance, it is well-suited for a variety of electronic applications, making it an ideal solution for electrical connectivity.

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