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Molex 51021-0400 PicoBlade Housing Diagram
  • Part Name: Male Housing
  • Pitch: 1.25mm
  • Circuits: 4
  • Rows: 1
  • Series: SCT1251
  • Housing Series: SCT1251MH
  • Compatible: 510210400

Molex 51021-0400 PicoBlade 4 Pin Housing: Your Ideal Connector Solution

In the world of electrical and electronic connections, Molex has long been a name associated with quality, reliability, and innovation. The Molex 51021-0400 PicoBlade 4 pin housing is no exception, offering a versatile and dependable solution for a wide range of applications. In this article, we will explore the key features, applications, and advantages of the Molex 51021-0400 PicoBlade 4 pin housing.

Key Features of Molex 51021-0400:

1. Current Rating: 2A AC/DC
The Molex 51021-0400 PicoBlade 4 pin housing is designed to handle a current rating of 2A AC/DC. This capability makes it suitable for a variety of low to medium-power applications, ensuring reliable performance under typical operating conditions.

2. Voltage Rating: 250V AC/DC
With a voltage rating of 250V AC/DC, this connector can be utilized in both low-voltage and medium-voltage systems, making it adaptable to a wide range of electronic equipment and devices.

3. Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ Min
The Molex 51021-0400 PicoBlade 4 pin housing boasts excellent insulation resistance, with a minimum of 100MΩ. This feature helps prevent electrical leakage and maintains the integrity of your electrical connections.

4. Withstanding Voltage: 500VAC (Min)
The connector offers impressive voltage endurance with a minimum of 500VAC. This ensures a reliable and safe connection in various challenging environments and applications.

5. Contact Resistance: 20mΩ (Max)
The low contact resistance of 20mΩ (maximum) ensures minimal power loss and heat generation in your electrical connections, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of your systems.

6. Wide Operating Temperature Range:
The Molex 51021-0400 PicoBlade 4 pin housing can perform flawlessly within an extensive temperature range, from -40°C to +85°C. This wide operating temperature range makes it suitable for applications exposed to extreme environmental conditions.

7. Durable Material:
The housing of this connector is constructed from high-quality nylon 66, with a UL94V-0 rating for flame resistance. This robust material ensures long-lasting performance and safety in various applications.

8. Color-Coded for Convenience:
The connectors come in a clean white color, which simplifies the identification and organization of wires and connections in your projects, improving overall aesthetics and ease of use.


The Molex 51021-0400 PicoBlade 4 pin housing, in conjunction with compatible Molex headers such as the vertical header 53047-0410, right-angle header 53048-0410, SMD vertical header 53398-0471, or SMD right-angle header 53261-0471, finds its utility in a wide range of applications, including but not limited to:

1. Consumer Electronics: Used in smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices for various internal connections.
2. Automotive: Suitable for automotive wiring harnesses and connections within vehicles.
3. Industrial Equipment: Ideal for manufacturing equipment, control systems, and machinery connections.
4. Medical Devices: Reliable connections for medical equipment and devices.
5. Home Appliances: Ensures secure connections in household appliances.
6. LED Lighting: Used in LED strips and lighting systems.
7. Robotics: Provides dependable connections for robotic applications.

Advantages of Molex 51021-0400:

1. Reliability: The Molex 51021-0400 PicoBlade 4 pin housing is known for its high-quality materials and precise engineering, ensuring dependable and long-lasting connections.

2. Versatility: With compatibility with various Molex headers, it can be adapted to multiple applications, making it a versatile solution for engineers and designers.

3. Safety: The connector’s high insulation resistance, voltage endurance, and flame-resistant housing materials guarantee the safety of your electrical connections.

4. Efficiency: Low contact resistance minimizes power loss and heat generation, contributing to the overall efficiency of your systems.

5. Temperature Tolerance: The wide operating temperature range makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

SCT1251MH-04BWT104 serves as an economically reliable alternative to the Molex 51021-0400. It offers outstanding performance and quality, all while maintaining a more competitive price point. This alternative is a dependable solution suitable for a wide range of applications, including electronic devices, industrial automation, and the automotive industry, among others.

With similar current and voltage ratings to the Molex 51021-0400, along with excellent insulation resistance, voltage withstand capabilities, and low contact resistance, SCT1251MH-04BWT104 ensures stable connections and efficient performance. Whether you aim to reduce costs or meet project requirements, SCT1251MH-04BWT104 stands as a trustworthy choice, providing an economically efficient solution for your connectivity needs.

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