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YL 4.5mm Pitch Connectors

SCT4504 Series

SCT4504 Series are compatible with JST YL 4.5mm series wire to wire connectors. Multiple locking devices, the connection is more secure.


SeriesSCT4504 Series
Contact Pitch4.5mm
No.of Contacts2 positions
Current10A (AWG #18 to #26)
CompatibleCross JST YL Connector Series

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Current Rating:10A
Voltage Rating:300V
Temperature Range:-25°C~+85°C
Contact Resistance:15m Omega Max
Insulation Resistance:1000M Omega Min
Withstanding Voltage:1500V AC/minute

JST-YL 4.5mm Wire-to-Wire Connector

SCT4504 Series is Scondars Line of Reliable 4.5mm Pitch Wire-to-Wire Connectors Likened to the JST Brand

Scondar offers SCT4504 Series as replacement and cheaper alternative of JST YL 4.5mm pitch wire-to-wire connector in a complete package including the male housing, female/receptacle housing, female terminal and male terminal, all manufactured with precision-fitting and durability ensuring accurate mating.

JST YL supports up to a maximum 10A of current per circuit and up to 8 positions, so your product can reliably deliver power even when space is limited.

A special feature of the JST YL series, as compared with the JST EL is that it has secondary retainers that aids in correcting partial insertion or accidental release of contact.

Equipped with Secondary retainers

The secondary retainers enhance safety when the contact is partially inserted or when accidental release of the contact happens. It also retains proper positioning of the contacts and securely locks it in place. However, when a 3-row connector or AWG #16 is used, it may not perform this specific function as well as it performs with 2-row connectors.

Easy, Fast Panel Mount with Multiple Options for Panel Thicknesses

The JST YL 4.5mm pitch series can also be easily mounted on panels of various thickness without using tools and fasteners. In addition, the simple push-in feature and anti-rattle panel gasket of this wire-to-wire connector enables easy and convenient panel mounting.

Ease of insertion and secure installation of contacts

The contacts of each connector has a pair of locking lances that are installed so that the contacts can be symmetrically locked in the housing. A retraction mechanism is installed providing security of holding the contacts inside the housing. Also, the lances have enough space to allow the contacts to be easily inserted into the housing.

Positive locking mechanism and Durable Arm Lock Mechanism

To facilitate a secure connection without dropouts, a positive locking mechanism feature greatly enhances wire-to-wire mating connections. This also prevent stress concentration during connection, thus allowing the components to survive repeated matings.

Fully Polarized Key Feature with Latching Orientation

Prevents mismating to facilitate assembly

Two contact styles

Two different kinds of crimp contacts are available for convenient branching or internal jumpering.

  • Rechargeable battery packs
  • Battery balancers
  • Battery eliminator circuits
  • Radio controlled servos.
  • RGB LED decorative light strips
  • Seat wiring and actuation
  • Passenger service units
  • IFE (in-flight entertainment)
  • Electronic window shutters
  • Gallery

Material and Packaging of JST YL 4.5mm Pitch Wire-to-Wire Connector

Using a UV-Resistant Thermoplastic Material for Enhanced Connector Performance

The housing components are injection molded Nylon66,UL 94V-0. These thermoplastics are scientifically proven to resist UV-radiation than the normal plastics, ensuring that the connectors are well-protected, reducing the chances of early degradation and increased cycles/minute of the connector subjected to harsh environments.

Tape and Reel Packaging for SMT Components

Scondar uses a state-of-the-art tape and reel equipment to package a variety of components.

The tape and reel packaging strip has accurately sized cavities for the terminal height, width and depth, securing the them from the environment and maintaining consistent position during transportation.

You can expect that your wire-to-wire connector package is undisturbed during the trip and has maintained its vitality even during your production stages, which is why a lot of our customers has raved about our product for both cheaply-priced and, at the same time, resembles the JST YL 4.5mm pitch wire-to-wire product in performance and quality.

The complete package will include the following:

Female terminal: 10,000 pcs/reel, brass material and tin-plated finish
Male terminal: 10,000 pcs/reel, brass material and tin-plated finish
Female Housing (Nylon 66, UL94V-0 500): 1000pcs/bag
Male Housing (Nylon 66, UL94V-0 500): 1000pcs/bag

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