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Part NameTerminal
CompatibleSVH Series
JST SVH-21T-P1.1 crimp contact diagram

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JST SVH-21T-P1.1: The Crimp Contact for Reliable Wire-to-Board Connections

In the realm of wire-to-board connections, JST SVH-21T-P1.1 emerges as a remarkable crimp contact designed for use with JST VH series housings, allowing seamless integration with JST BxxP-VH series through-hole vertical headers or BxxPS-VH series through-hole right-angle headers. 

Key Features of JST SVH-21T-P1.1:

1. High Current and Voltage Ratings: The JST SVH-21T-P1.1 boasts an impressive current rating of 7A AC/DC and a voltage rating of 250V AC/DC, making it a robust choice for various electrical applications.

2. Exceptional Insulation Performance: With a minimum insulation resistance of 1000MΩ, this crimp contact ensures reliable electrical isolation, preventing unwanted electrical leakage.

3. Low Contact Resistance: Offering a maximum contact resistance of 20mΩ, the JST SVH-21T-P1.1 ensures minimal power loss and efficient electrical connections.

4. Outstanding Withstanding Voltage: This crimp contact is designed to withstand a minimum of 1500VAC, ensuring safety and reliability under varying conditions.

5. Wide Operating Temperature Range: Operating flawlessly within a temperature range from -25°C to +85°C, the JST SVH-21T-P1.1 is suitable for diverse environmental conditions.


– Wire Range: Designed for 18-22AWG wire, making it versatile for a range of wire gauges.
– Material: Crafted from high-quality phosphor bronze with a thickness of 0.25mm.
– Finish: Tin plated for enhanced durability and corrosion resistance.
– Quantity: Supplied in reels, each containing 3,000 pieces of JST VH crimp contacts.

Applications of JST SVH-21T-P1.1:

The JST SVH-21T-P1.1 crimp contact finds applications in various industries, including:

– Consumer Electronics: Ideal for connecting components in electronic gadgets, ensuring reliable power distribution.

– Automotive Electronics: Used in automotive control units, lighting systems, and other critical applications.

– Industrial Machinery: Suitable for industrial equipment and machinery, providing robust electrical connections for control systems.

– Telecommunications: Ensures dependable connectivity in networking equipment and communication devices.

– Renewable Energy: Used in solar inverters and other renewable energy systems, facilitating the efficient transmission of power.


– Reliability: With its high current and voltage ratings, low contact resistance, and exceptional insulation performance, the JST VH terminal ensures dependable electrical connections.

– Versatility: Designed to accommodate a wide range of wire gauges (18-22AWG), making it a versatile choice for various applications.

– Durability: The tin-plated finish and quality materials guarantee a long lifespan, even in challenging environments.

– Safety: The outstanding withstanding voltage rating of 1500VAC enhances safety and peace of mind.

In conclusion, the JST SVH-21T-P1.1 crimp contact is a reliable and high-performance solution for wire-to-board connections. Its exceptional features, wide range of applications, and durability make it an ideal choice for industries where secure and efficient electrical connections are of paramount importance.

SCT3961TPS109 serves as an economically reliable alternative to the SVH-21T-P1.1 crimp contact. This connector provides a cost-effective solution while maintaining the reliability and performance standards set by SVH-21T-P1.1. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking to reduce project costs without compromising on the quality and dependability of wire-to-board connections.

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