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JST B2P-VH(LF)(SN) VH Vertical Header Diagram
  • Part Name: Vertical Header
  • Pitch: 3.96mm
  • Circuits: 4
  • Rows: 1
  • Series: SCT3961
  • Header Series: SCT3961WV
  • Compatible: B4P-VH

JST B4P-VH(LF)(SN) – Your Ideal RoHS-Compliant 4-Pin Through Hole Vertical Header

The JST B4P-VH(LF)(SN) is a high-quality and RoHS-compliant vertical header designed for seamless integration with the JST 4-pin plug housing VHR-4N. This reliable connection solution offers outstanding features, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of applications. In this article, we will explore the key characteristics, applications, and advantages of the JST B4P-VH(LF)(SN).

Key Features of JST B4P-VH(LF)(SN):

1. Impressive Current and Voltage Ratings:
The JST B4P-VH(LF)(SN) boasts a remarkable current rating of 7A AC/DC and a voltage rating of 250V AC/DC. These ratings ensure robust and reliable electrical connections, making it suitable for various applications.

2. Exceptional Insulation:
With an insulation resistance of 1000MΩ (Min) and a withstanding voltage of 1500VAC (Min), this header provides superior protection against electrical leakage and ensures safe and stable connections.

3. Low Contact Resistance:
The contact resistance is as low as 10mΩ (Max), ensuring minimal power loss and maximizing efficiency in your electrical circuits.

4. Wide Temperature Range:
The JST B4P-VH(LF)(SN) can operate flawlessly in temperatures ranging from -25°C to +85°C, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.


– Insulator Material: The insulator is made from Nylon 66 (UL94V-0), providing excellent mechanical and thermal stability while meeting stringent safety standards.

– Contact Material: The contacts are crafted from brass, ensuring superior conductivity and corrosion resistance.

– Finish: The tin-plated finish enhances the header’s durability and maintains electrical performance over time.

– Color: The header comes in a clean, white color, making it easy to identify and integrate into your projects.


The JST B4P-VH(LF)(SN) and its compatibility with the JST 4-pin plug housing VHR-4N open up a world of possibilities for your electronic projects. Some of the key applications include:

1. Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs):
These headers are perfect for connecting PCBs to various components, ensuring reliable power and signal transmission.

2. Automotive Electronics:
With its excellent current and voltage ratings, these headers find applications in automotive systems, guaranteeing secure connections in the harshest conditions.

3. Industrial Control Systems:
The headers’ wide temperature range and robust construction make them an ideal choice for industrial control and automation applications.

4. Consumer Electronics:
From laptops to home appliances, these headers offer dependable connections in everyday consumer electronics.

5. Renewable Energy Systems:
The high voltage rating and low contact resistance make these headers a valuable component in solar and wind energy systems.

Advantages of JST B4P-VH(LF)(SN):

The JST VH 4 pin vertical header stands out in the market due to the following advantages:

– RoHS Compliance: It meets RoHS requirements, ensuring that your products are environmentally friendly and compliant with global regulations.

– High Performance: With exceptional current and voltage ratings, low contact resistance, and reliable insulation, it guarantees high-performance electrical connections.

– Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications, from PCBs to industrial equipment, automotive, and consumer electronics.

– Temperature Tolerance: Its ability to operate in extreme temperatures expands its applicability to various environments.

– Durable Construction: Crafted from quality materials and featuring a tin-plated finish, it offers longevity and reliability.

SCT3961WV-04B0WT108 is a cost-effective and RoHS-compliant alternative to the JST B4P-VH(LF)(SN). This reliable solution offers similar performance and environmental compliance, making it an excellent choice for your connection needs.

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