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Terminal Blocks Manufacturer China-based Factory

SCONDAR provides UL-certified electrical connection terminals such as DIN rail terminal blocks, PCB terminal blocks, and barrier terminal blocks. Low MOQ request and stable quality guarantee.

Terminal Blocks

Din Rail Terminal Blocks
Panel Mount Terminal Blocks
Terminal Strips
Choc Blocks
Feedthrough Terminal Blocks

Leading Manufacturer of
Terminal Blocks & Connectors

SCONDAR has more than 20 years of production experience, specializing in the production of all types of connectors, terminal blocks and wire harnesses, is a leading manufacturer of electrical connection equipment and provider of connection solutions in China. Our products have obtained UL, ROHS, CE and other certifications.

After years of stable development, SCONDAR has established a complete R&D design team and production equipment that can meet various types of connectors, which allows us to provide more professional and one-stop services to our customers.

Of course we can provide you with customized products, welcome to communicate with us about your customization needs.

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