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Right Angle Pin Header

1.27mm (.050”) Pitch Right Angle Pin Header Connector

General Spec.
 Product Name: 1.27mm (.050”) right angle pin header connector
 Pitch(spacing): 1.27mm (.050”) inch pitch
 Gender: Male
 Breakaway: Yes
 Number of Contact: 2 – 50 pins (single row); 4 – 100 pins (dual row)
 Number of Rows: Single or dual
 Orientation: Right-angle (90 degree) (DIP)
 locating peg Without locating peg
 Material: High Temperature Thermoplastic
 Contact material: Brass or Phosphor Bronze
 Insulator material: PA6T (Optional:LCP NA6T PA46 PA66) + UL94V-0
 Insulator color: Black
 Flammability: UL94V-0
 Contact Plating: Gold flash over 50μ” nickel or custom
 Pin lengths: Standard(refer to drawing) or Customizable
 PC Tail Length: Standard(refer to drawing) or Customizable
 Packaging Type: Bulk in Box or Bag
RoHS compliant: Yes

In the realm of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronic interconnections, the 1.27mm (.050”) pitch right angle pin header connector stands out as a crucial component. Designed for robust board-to-board connections and signal transmission applications, this connector offers a blend of customization, reliability, and broad application versatility.

  • Variety of Configurations: Available in single and dual row setups, supporting from 2 to 50 pins for single row and 4 to 100 pins for dual row configurations. Customization extends to accommodating three or four rows upon specific customer requirements.

  • Breakaway Design: Facilitates easy customization by allowing the connector to be cut into desired pin counts, such as the typical 1×40 pins breakaway configuration.

  • Right-Angle Orientation: Ideal for through-hole mounting, ensuring a secure connection at the edge of PCBs.

  • Customization Options: Includes adjustable insulator height profiles, tailored to match varying current requirements. Pin lengths can also be modified to suit specific PCB board distances.

  • Material Durability: Utilizes copper alloy (typically brass or phosphor bronze) for the metal contacts, ensuring durability and conductivity. Insulators are constructed from PBT UL 94V-0 grade material, with options for custom materials based on application needs.

The versatility of the 1.27mm pitch right angle pin header connector makes it indispensable across diverse industries:

  • Electronics: Vital in electronic devices for interconnecting PCBs within compact spaces, ensuring efficient signal transmission.

  • Home Appliances: Used in appliances where reliability and space efficiency are crucial, such as in control boards for washing machines or refrigerators.

  • Electrical Instruments: Facilitates secure connections in instruments requiring precise signal integrity, like oscilloscopes or multimeters.

  • Automotive: Plays a pivotal role in automotive applications, connecting critical components such as car navigation systems’ LCD panels.

  • Lighting Industry: Essential for connecting LED driver boards and control units, ensuring consistent performance in lighting systems.

  • Space Efficiency: Compact design facilitates dense PCB layouts, ideal for miniaturized electronic devices.

  • Reliability: Secure mating and durable materials ensure long-term performance and signal integrity.

  • Customization: Tailorable features such as pin count, insulator height, and pin length accommodate specific design requirements.

  • Versatility: Supports various orientations (right-angle), mounting types (through-hole), and applications (board-to-board or signal transmission), enhancing flexibility in design and assembly.

In conclusion, the 1.27mm (.050”) pitch right angle pin header connector exemplifies adaptability and reliability in modern electronic designs. Whether in consumer electronics, automotive applications, or industrial instruments, its customizable features and robust construction make it a cornerstone for seamless PCB interconnections and signal integrity assurance.

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