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Performance comparison of different wires

1. Ordinary wire
Regular wire is usually made of many strands of thin copper wire. The multi-strand form has good bending resistance and is not easy to break due to repeated vibrations.
Common conductors consist of two parts: a copper core and insulating material. Polyvinyl chloride material is usually used for insulation and has the following advantages:
①It will not melt under high current.
② No open flame will be produced.
③ light weight.

2. Shielded wire
The main function of the shielded wire is to prevent electromagnetic interference. If the signal harness is close to a high-current or high-voltage harness or component, the signal wires will be subject to electromagnetic interference, causing signal misalignment. The outer layer of the shielded wire is wrapped with aluminum foil or mesh wire harness and grounded. Electromagnetic wave interference is directly grounded to eliminate.

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