Wire is an important part of terminal crimping, and the main factors to consider when selecting wire are conductor material, insulation material, and ampacity.

conductor material
In the case of the same wire diameter, the current carrying capacity of the copper wire is greater than that of the aluminum wire, but the weight of the copper wire is also greater. Generally, the conductors are bare copper or aluminum, but they can be coated on the outside if required. Common coating materials are tin and silver. In a sulfur-containing environment, the coating of the wire should be tinned. When the contact resistance of the wire is required to be high, silver plating can be selected to reduce the contact resistance.

Insulation skin material
The higher the insulation resistance and resistivity, the better. In the case of high frequency and high voltage, an insulating material with a small dielectric loss tangent should be used.

Conductor ampacity
Wire selection is usually based on the target current carrying capability. When selecting a wire, the ampacity of the wire is usually the first consideration.

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